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Not able to restore my contacts or see my contacts after restoring.

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I have made a backup of all my contacts from my old phone to the cloud a month ago. Now when I am trying to restore my contacts, it shows contacts restored successfully. But when I look back in the contacts on my phone, I don't see any of them. I had made a backup of nearly 150 contacts.

Note: It's my new phone in which I am trying to restore my contacts.

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If it says your contacts have been restored, then the only thing you have to do is to change the displaying options. Access Contacts application or menu, then press the menu button and select Display. Choose to display the account recovered (Google, Sim, Phone, iCloud, Dropbox, etc) and then accept the changes. Your contacts should be displayed afterwards.

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You can use a data recovery tool to restore the lost or deleted data.

The whole operation can be done on pc, and the lost data can also be recovered on pc.

have a look at this guide, how to restore deleted contacts.

This tool can recover android files easily.

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