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Latest questions about "math and scientific tools"

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Is the LMSChartmaker compatible with windows 10 ?
asked Jul 22 about lmsChartMaker
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1 answer 86 views
How to run it in windows 8.1 ?
asked Jul 19 about VisualTCAD
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We saw FE 107 is free software; but not able to download on my PC, having Windows. PL advise how to download the same or send us a link.
asked Jun 28 by nikhil about FE-107
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Do I need a license to use CrystalExplorer?
asked May 13 about CrystalExplorer
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How do I download Sniffy 2.0? Is it free?
asked May 11 by bruno about Sniffy Pro
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1 answer 63 views
The external parameter interface is not highlighted in v2.5. Need help!
asked May 10 about Afors-Het
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Is SigmaPlot available for Mac?
asked Apr 23 about SigmaPlot
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In HELP explanation, it says that there is "define new mixture" commands in "refrigerants" menu. But actually there is no such command in "refrigerants" menu.
asked Apr 6 by yutaek.oh about Genetron Properties
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1 answer 40 views
Why can't I download CircuitMaker?
asked Apr 4 about CircuitMaker
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1 answer 77 views
I am trying to adjust the ISO lines, I have done it in default but won't change on the report.
asked Mar 13 about Calculux
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I had to reinstall mine and I can't find it. Yikes, please help.
asked Feb 8 about Mathcad
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I have designed a 1MW plant in PVSOL using 3D modeling on a flat ground. I want to use just KOSTAL inverters (piko 36KW).
asked Feb 4 by Parvaneh Motiei about PVSOL Expert
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1 answer 36 views
I need VCL.bpl package to install Simclim.
asked Jan 9 by Amena Dashtbozorgi about SimCLIM
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When I install and open the software, a message appears to plug in the dongle. How do I use this software without a dongle?
asked Dec 26, 2017 about RAPT
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1 answer 43 views
I downloaded AlleleID 7.8, however, would like to request a trial version of the software before buying the full version - in case it doesn't do what I expect.
asked Dec 14, 2017 about AlleleID
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1 answer 112 views
I was able to get Sniffy all the way to VR-35, was about to get to VR-50 when the program timed out on me. I can't find a way to save the data, so I might lose all my work and progress.
asked Nov 30, 2017 by BB about Sniffy Pro
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1 answer 29 views
Does Winflows allowed adding other models ? Does the user have access to the code source?
asked Nov 28, 2017 about Winflows
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1 answer 70 views
I would like know the price and conditions of the Program CC.
asked Nov 26, 2017 by severino about ProgramCC