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Latest questions about "math and scientific tools"

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Hello, which are the difference between verion 4.1 and 4? Can these differences influence the insulation thickness? Thanks
asked Jul 31 by LC about 3EPlus
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Hy! As we are informed Rheocalc V3.3 can only be used when an instrument is connected. I'd like to ask you, if there's a data viewer available or we can configure Rheocalc V3.
asked Jul 26 about Rheocalc
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I am using Multi-problem generator option to run 20 samples at a time.
asked Jul 22 by Shawal (120 points) about Visual MINTEQ
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To whom it may concern, I would like to know if Hullspeed uses Navier Stokes equations or potential flow to estimate the ship resistance.
asked Jul 1 by Milad Armin about Hullspeed
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how can i download the software?
asked Jun 4 by Rawan about StatisPro
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can be installed on a usb pendrive by ease todo?
asked Apr 27 by Roberto about SigmaPlot
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hello , please I want to know if the version 1.3 od sc144 DR is compatible with windows10
asked Apr 20 about Leco® S-144DR Analysis Software
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What is the evaluation serial number?
asked Apr 15 about SigmaPlot
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if you make an internal and external with sizes produced by this software will they fit into each other?
asked Apr 13 about Quick Spline