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Latest questions about "math and scientific tools"

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I was able to get Sniffy all the way to VR-35, was about to get to VR-50 when the program timed out on me. I can't find a way to save the data, so I might lose all my work and progress!
asked Nov 30 by BB about Sniffy Pro
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Does Winflows allowed adding other models ? Does the user have access to the code source?
asked Nov 28 about Winflows
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I would like know the price and conditions of the Program CC.
asked Nov 26 by severino about ProgramCC
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Which version works with Windows 7 64bit?
asked Oct 26 by fereydoon about VoltaMaster 4
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My Calculux model gives luminance results in only one decimal place. I want to change it into two decimal places. Please tell me how to do it.
asked Oct 22 by Prageeth about Calculux
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Do you have the software (Finch TV) available for iOS?
asked Sep 27 about FinchTV
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The program can't install, it says this app can't run on your PC. My PC runs with Windows 8.1 and Microsoft 2013. I need this program to open maps produced a few years ago for a research project.
asked Aug 25 by Anouk about IMPS
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How to change the number of decimal values of results?
asked Aug 17 by Prageeth about Calculux
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Please confirm the licensing price for Micro-Checker v 2.2.3.
asked Jul 7 by GEOVANNI GONZALEZ about Micro-Checker
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I want to model the Progressive Collapse of a two-dimensional shear wall. It is necessary to split the wall to remove a part of the wall.
asked Jun 20 by Esmaeil about SeismoStruct
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I can't save any information that I type into this program. I think it has something to do with the way our IT department set the system up.
asked May 28 by Lyle Howard about InstruCalc
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The Simulate Building Performance process aborts and sends the following message: "Error: 4 standard file writing errors encountered." How do I identify these Errors?
asked May 23 by Robert Hickerson about eQUEST
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I am having difficulty in downloading Visual Lighting software version 2.2, 2.4 or 2.6. I think I may be doing something wrong. Could someone please assist me?
asked May 9 about Visual
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Dear Sir/Madam, I want to know the price of Discovery Studio for Ubuntu?
asked May 5 about BIOVIA Discovery Studio 64-Bit Client
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We have the sensor Linear-Encoder LA-42-K SSI. I am connecting TRWinProg program to the sensor, and the program could not find a suitable configuration file.
asked May 4 by Aleksandr about TRWinProg
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I want to extract the result that is used in the plot, and I can't find a way to export it from DeltaEC to Excel.
asked Apr 26 by Salam Hairab about DeltaEC
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I want to use more than 2 binary output from Matlab component. But every time it is showing Reference to a non-existent 'bit rate'. What is the prob?
asked Apr 26 by SSS about OptiSystem
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Engine simulator for MacBook Pro.
asked Apr 25 by Jayson about Virtual Engine Room - Free Student Version
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I installed easyLINKAGE Plus v5.02 on my Windows PC, but I get an error message when I run FASTSLINK. The error message is about the incompatibility with the 64-bit version Windows.
asked Apr 13 about easyLINKAGE Plus
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How do I purchase MultiQC for my laboratory and is there a demo I can run trials on before I purchase this software?
asked Apr 12 by Kulwantie Mohabir about MultiQC