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I have locked my USB external hard disk but I don't know by which software.

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I have locked my USB external hard disk but I don't know by which software.. How to find it? I know the password to unlock

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Usually when you try to access something password-protected you will see a window popped-out with the request to enter the password. You can try this suggestion and see if it really happens so, if not you will need to format the software because when developers create these kinds of applications they have one purpose in mind: protection at all costs. A big disadvantage is in the fact that if you forget the password, all the protected content is lost. If nothing happens when you try to access the USB hard disk, then the only option is to format it, thus losing all the data.

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I had few softwares to lock the folders. Now I don't by which software
I have locked the external usb drive. Is there any solution to find
by which software the drive is locked. The password I know. The
software by which I have locked the external hard disk is uninstalled
and I don't remember the name. The software was downloaded from the
net. Hence, if we can find the name, we can very well download it.
Pls advise what to do.

Thank you for your assistance

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