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I had Sentex SVWin version 2.02 on my old computer. I bought a new computer and tried to install this program with a CD that I had, but it didn't work.
asked 6 days ago by Michael Lieberman about SVWin
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1 answer 6 views
Can I install Crave TV on my Philips Smart TV?
asked Jan 9
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1 answer 13 views
I want to run the Shree-Lipi 6.0 in Windows 8.
asked Jan 3 about Shree-Lipi
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1 answer 14 views
How do I install and run Mutliply Datalink Program Files?
asked Dec 25, 2017 by Dr T. Isaac
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1 answer 44 views
I bought Traveltrek from Indian wells Ca. in mid 2000s & like it very much, how can I install it on my new computer? Thanks for your help.
asked Oct 14, 2017 by Fred Miko about TravelTrak
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1 answer 43 views
I just copied over all my old WP5.1 files to a new computer running Windows 7 32 bit. Things seem to be working well, but should I download Tame and which version?
asked Oct 10, 2017 by Susan about Tame
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1 answer 26 views
How to install Alex Plus on a new computer?
asked Oct 9, 2017 by John Mathyson about Alex Plus
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1 answer 55 views
Aura Image Gallery III will not install on Windows 10.
asked Sep 4, 2017 by Lee Ruscoe about Aura Image Gallery III
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1 answer 89 views
How do I install PLC WPL 2.40 software without the hardware device?
asked Aug 28, 2017 by Ahmed about WPLSoft
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1 answer 422 views
How to update that version? Downloading version 1.2 of Wine will install a separate app on Mac OSX.
asked Jul 24, 2017 by Guest #43309692 (120 points) about Wine
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1 answer 111 views
How to install a Flir one camera on an Android mobile.?
asked Apr 13, 2017 by JPierre Degrave
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1 answer 28 views
Hello, my concerns are about the Trackview app that I wanted to try. I downloaded what I thought was the app but software named Informer is what actually downloaded.
asked Apr 4, 2017 by paulette pittman about TrackView
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1 answer 39 views
How to install a Net Framework?
asked Mar 20, 2017 by Midhun Manohar (120 points) about Raccoon Bot
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1 answer 2,442 views
How do I install GSE SMART IPTV on an Amazon Firestick?
asked Mar 20, 2017 by Martin Bradley (140 points) about GSE SMART IPTV
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1 answer 17 views
When we connect the hardware lock (Pen drive type) to the system and it gives the error "INSTALL CORRECT HARDWARE LOCK".
asked Mar 17, 2017 by JASBIR SINGH 2 (140 points) about CyberDNC Pro
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1 answer 90 views
How to install the eTicket software on the PC of my boss?
asked Mar 9, 2017 about eToken PKI Client
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1 answer 27 views
I purchased Wordsearch 11 on my PC tonight, I also need to put it on my Mac Pro in order to access it when traveling. How do I do it?
asked Mar 9, 2017 by Titus about WORDsearch 11
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1 answer 150 views
How can I install this software in Windows 8?
asked Feb 28, 2017 about Nokia Software Recovery Tool
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1 answer 71 views
How to install it on a Windows Phone or Android phone?
asked Feb 26, 2017 by Gerrit Klein Kromhof - Netherlands about EZ-Air
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1 answer 46 views
How can I install it on Windows 10?
asked Feb 12, 2017 by kris cordova about MGI PhotoSuite SE