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Latest questions about "iphone"

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I can't print photos from iPhoto as I used to be able to do with my Canon IP4200. What do I need to do?
asked Oct 12, 2014 about My Image Garden
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6 answers 236 views
Do you know how I can get lost photos and videos off from the memory card of the iPhone memory card? This memory card was accidentally formatted somehow.
asked Sep 27, 2014 by Evelinelon3 (120 points)
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How can I transfer Stop Motion Pro from my iPhone to my PC?
asked Sep 13, 2014 about Stop Motion Pro
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4 answers 152 views
You use both of them to back up your iOS devices or just use one of them? Why?
asked Jul 15, 2014 by Victoria 5 (240 points)
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Hi guys, I planning to sell my old iPhone 4 and before that I want to delete my iPhone data permanently.
asked Jun 27, 2014 by simone 2 (360 points)
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5 answers 399 views
It is possible to transfer my contacts, photos and so on, between iPhone and iPad on MacBook?
asked Apr 30, 2014 by juddy (160 points)
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9 answers 592 views
I want to transfer content (Contacts,Text Messages, Music, Photos and Videos) from my old iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Phone. I have a Mac. Can you help?
asked Apr 27, 2014 by ohlbrecht14 (380 points)
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3 answers 128 views
How to add the ringtones to my iPhone?
asked Apr 26, 2014 by Vicky Mac (120 points) about iTunes
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1 answer 46 views
I want to watch my Uniden wireless cameras from my iPhone. Which application would be the best one to use, preferably free?
asked Apr 7, 2014
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I sent a message to an iPhone. It took a little bit of time to get the delivery confirmation, probably because the person works in the remote area.
asked Apr 6, 2014 about Viber Messenger
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2 answers 93 views
I'm receiving an "iPhone is disabled" message. Can you help?
asked Mar 29, 2014 by Guest #30365871 (120 points) about Apple Mobile Device Support
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2 answers 118 views
I have an iPhone with WhatsApp installed, but by mistake I deleted a contact. How can I recover the deleted contact?
asked Mar 28, 2014
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1 answer 90 views
How come iPhone users can send a longer snap videos than my Note 3? Can't seem to video longer than 4 seconds.
asked Mar 24, 2014 about Snapchat
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I downloaded Zedge Tonesync to my husband's iPhone, but when I tried to add a device to the Tonesynce it won't let me so I have to load all the ringtones to his phone and download them that way.
asked Mar 9, 2014
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1 answer 74 views
I've tried to use the front camera of my iPhone 5s in video chat with my friend. I could see myself but my friend couldn't.
asked Mar 7, 2014
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1 answer 680 views
A friend of mine is still in my contact list on iPhone but has disappeared on my Viber account. Does this mean they have deleted or deactivated their Viber?
asked Mar 5, 2014
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1 answer 47 views
Our company uses Outlook Exchange as our email platform. All of that has worked great with our company's PCs, and our cell phones have always supported the Exchange server.
asked Feb 26, 2014
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1 answer 414 views
So, I think my kids deleted my Photo Vault app from my iPhone 4s. Usually for other apps this is not a problem.
asked Feb 21, 2014
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2 answers 49 views
I want to transfer the iPhone records to my computer. Can you help?
asked Feb 9, 2014 by Guest #29335837 (120 points)
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And if it doesn't work? I tried to fix the issue with a USB flash drive, and a USB cord for an iPhone. I still receive "Plug in a supported device" from my Dell webcam.
asked Feb 8, 2014