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Latest questions about "iphone"

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I need to transfer over 400 photos to my new iPhone. How can I do that?
asked Sep 8, 2015 by Joannana (2.4k points)
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Is Hidden Eye available for iPhone too?
asked Aug 30, 2015
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9 answers 438 views
I have lost my iPhone but I remember that I have made a backup in iTunes. How can I recover my iPhone photos?
asked Aug 28, 2015 by Caroline4456 (2.6k points)
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3 answers 99 views
There are almost 200 notes on my iPhone, I want to save them on my Computer, how do I do this?
asked Aug 19, 2015 by Caroline4456 (2.6k points)
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iOS 9 started with a desire to take an experience people love and make it better. To make it even simple, more useful, and more enjoyable - but still feel instantly familiar.
asked Aug 10, 2015 by youzune (280 points)
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Every time I open Lenovo Photo Master, it automatically and wirelessly imports photos from my iPhone. I have doubles and triples of photos because it keeps importing them.
asked Jul 29, 2015 about Lenovo Photo Master
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1 answer 155 views
I have an Android device with the DROTR app installed and someone I want to communicate has an iPhone also with the DROTR app installed.
asked Jul 16, 2015 by Dan 21 (120 points)
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1 answer 87 views
I have Speak Easy Voice Recorder Lite app on my iPhone and would want to export the recordings to Pendrive or mails. Can you help me? It's very urgent.
asked Jul 13, 2015 by Prapti
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2 answers 97 views
I accidentally lost my iPhone yesterday. What can be done now?
asked Jun 23, 2015 by Syuene Navgedi (140 points)
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1 answer 63 views
What is the meaning of this program?
asked Jun 23, 2015 by Berrimore (500 points)
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1 answer 101 views
Samsung Galaxy 4 does not receive text message from iPhone.
asked Jun 19, 2015 by Gary Kluthe
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1 answer 107 views
How can I download LICRAVIN software on iPhone if it was already downloaded on Android phone and that Android phone was damaged?
asked May 19, 2015 by Pawan sinha
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1 answer 165 views
Is it possible to get the app for iPhone and iPad?
asked May 10, 2015
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1 answer 317 views
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I watched iPhone time machine on nickwilt's channel and saw an alternative dialog of time machine instead of one of the real dialogs from OS X on the video and wondered if there's such dialog to...
asked Mar 6, 2015 by joseph
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1 answer 276 views
I need A+ VCE application, but I have an iPhone. What can I do?
asked Mar 6, 2015 by Douglas 4 (120 points)
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1 answer 63 views
I have an Internet radio station and would like to know what is the cost to make an app to hear our station on Android, Windows or iPhones?
asked Feb 16, 2015 by Greg 12 (120 points)
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1 answer 98 views
I have PressReader installed on both my iPhone and my iPad. Do I have to pay twice for a magazine to read on both or what do I have to do to pay only once?
asked Feb 10, 2015 about PressReader
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1 answer 279 views
When I look at the Camera Roll on the software it still shows pictures that I deleted from my phone. So I may have zero pics on my phone, but the software shows 150 pics when I click on camera roll.
asked Jan 13, 2015 by Paul
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1 answer 113 views
Is there a version of UniQPass for iOS 8? I have it on Windows and an old Android phone, but I changed my Android to iPhone 5. I really liked UniQPass and today I even could synchronize again.
asked Jan 12, 2015 about UniQPass