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New password on iPhone cannot be used on my Mac

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A message came through my iPhone that someone was trying to use my Yahoo and I changed my password on iPhone for Yahoo email. Now I use the same new password on my Mac, but it won't let me see my emails. I used the original and new to try to get in, but both said wrong password.

The answers provided do not match my query.

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It's possible that due to multiple attempts of logging in or password changing, your account might be locked temporary. This happens to prevent other unauthorized logins. For example, even if you changed the password, someone else could still try to log-in, therefore triggering the flags and locking the account.

Make sure you set a strong password of upper case letter, special characters, numbers and symbols to make it hard for anyone to guess it.

If the issue persists in a day, contact the Yahoo support team and submit your request to it. Use the following page, please:

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