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Latest questions about "transfer data"

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How do I transfer my events to my new laptop?
asked Jun 29, 2017 about Kaluach3
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1 answer 85 views
How do I remove data from full SD card to reuse for more new data?
asked May 9, 2017 by Tom about SleepMapper Data Card Uploader
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1 answer 73 views
Will my old Proventure files transfer to this program?
asked Mar 27, 2017 by Lost again about MyInvoices & Estimates Deluxe
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1 answer 126 views
I have had Artplus Easy Noter on my desktop with Windows 7 for many years, and now I'd like to add the contents to my iPad (Apple). Is there any way I can do this, and could you supply details of how?
asked Feb 1, 2017 by Judy Lindsay (120 points)
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1 answer 62 views
How can I transfer the data in NexusMoney ver 1.2.7 to ver 2.2.5?
asked Nov 16, 2016 by Jacky
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1 answer 60 views
I am wondering if it is possible to transfer studies from a Philips iE33 G Cart level system to a Philips Xcelera 1.2 L4 system.
asked Apr 26, 2016 by Daniel Tostige about Xcelera L4 SP1
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1 answer 69 views
The serial cable that came with my camera was mini jack to 9 pin female plug. Unfortunately, I can no longer use this to download pictures as my laptop only has USB ports.
asked Feb 28, 2016 about PictureGear
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1 answer 76 views
How can I transfer the data (iah) from my isleep20i to PC?
asked Jan 7, 2016 about iSleep PC Soft
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1 answer 222 views
How my Keep Safe data can be transferred to another Apple phone with Keep Safe (used by my mother) automatically?
asked Dec 30, 2015 by Asha about Keepsafe Photo Vault
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1 answer 82 views
Will MyDeluxeInvoices&Estimates 4.3 transfer my files from the 4.0.0A version I own?
asked Sep 12, 2015 about MyDeluxeInvoices&Estimates
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1 answer 77 views
I had all my playlists on my iPhone 4. I now have an iPhone 5. How do I transfer all my music across or access it on my new phone?
asked Sep 8, 2015 about iTube Player
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1 answer 54 views
I use Firstbeat Athete since 2009 and up to few days ago I transferred the results of training from Polar CS600.
asked Aug 16, 2015
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1 answer 119 views
Our ship uses Passage Manager 5.1. How to transfer AIO data from Chartco computer to Ecdis?
asked Apr 17, 2015 about PassageManager
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1 answer 89 views
I bought an HP wireless printer and it came with an Art Explosion Calendar Maker CD and I have it on my laptop, but I bought a new laptop that doesn't have the CD drive.
asked Mar 24, 2015 by Jamie about Art Explosion Calendar Maker
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1 answer 124 views
I really need to transfer texts from my cellphone to my computer for legal reasons.
asked Jan 18, 2015 by A Frustrated Samsung User
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1 answer 69 views
When I create a new project and data group, how do I get the information to transfer into Papervision?
asked Mar 12, 2014 about PaperFlow
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1 answer 52 views
Is it possible to transfer the CD data onto a hard drive and then access information without using the CD?
asked Feb 1, 2014 about Coffs Harbour Deaths, Burials & Cremations Search Program
0 votes
1 answer 105 views
I have an older version of IntelliMover. Can I use it to transfer files from Windows XP to Windows 7?
asked Jan 27, 2014
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1 answer 101 views
I may go from PC to Mac. I understand there is version of Organizer for Mac. Can I move all my data from *.org without problems?
asked Jan 9, 2014 about support for Lotus Organizer 97, GS,
0 votes
1 answer 85 views
What is the procedure to transfer data to a Samsung Galaxy S4 CDMA?
asked Nov 19, 2013