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Latest questions about "graphic apps"

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1 answer 24 views
Does it convert color pictures to black and white?
asked Jul 10 about ZoomBrowser EX
0 votes
1 answer 41 views
Does Ulead GIF Animator 5 work on Windows 10 64-bit?
asked Jul 8 by Patrick J. Conlon about Ulead GIF Animator
0 votes
1 answer 35 views
I am trying to download the latest version of Apophysis on my laptop which operates on Windows 10 but although it downloads it will not run. Any advice, please?
asked Jul 2 by Anne about Apophysis 7x
0 votes
1 answer 53 views
How can I create a CD with a variety of images in the order that I wish them to be viewed?
asked Jul 1 by Joe McGavin about Picasa
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1 answer 42 views
I do not have a DVD drive on this computer. Is there a digital version available?
asked Jun 26 by Lauren about Business Card Factory Deluxe
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1 answer 25 views
What newer AutoCAD product replaces AutoCAD Freestyle?
asked Jun 26 about AutoCAD Freestyle
0 votes
1 answer 81 views
My serial key will no longer activate my BullzEye4 photo software. What do you suggest?
asked Jun 22 by Scott Evans about BullZEye
0 votes
1 answer 75 views
The software installs on my computer, but locks up in the LitePro 2.0 splash screen and Litepro version 7 DLX is not backward compatible with 2.
asked Jun 22 by Bryan about LitePro
0 votes
1 answer 71 views
The luminaire output is not quite right in the file. If I amend it, will my calculations use the amended information?
asked Jun 20 about LDTeditor
0 votes
1 answer 41 views
I have an Epson printer that can print to disc but the Epson software is not working. Can I use this software to print on printable discs?
asked Jun 20 by Peggy Shockley about Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker
0 votes
1 answer 44 views
Is there any way I can make the CAD2Motion executed quickly during the open of the file, especially for the file with the many path segments?
asked Jun 18 by Yiven about CAD to Motion
0 votes
1 answer 604 views
I wanna delete my account in Gramblr, but I don't find where and how. Please help me!
asked Jun 16 about Gramblr
0 votes
1 answer 70 views
I already have this bought years ago, is there an upgrade?
asked Jun 15 about Print Perfect Scrapbooks Deluxe
0 votes
1 answer 35 views
Will this import DXF or DWG files into SketchUP?
asked Jun 15 about LTplus SketchUP Plugin
0 votes
1 answer 82 views
Just wanted to know if there were a Mac version.
asked Jun 14 about NaturalMotion endorphin
0 votes
1 answer 103 views
Will this open and extract PES Embroidery Files from my computer to my Embroidery Brother Sewing Machine to embroider items?
asked Jun 14 by Rose about Embroidery Reader
0 votes
1 answer 79 views
How can I renew my license to Ermapper and install on a new laptop?
asked Jun 12 by Bill about ERDAS ER Mapper 2013
0 votes
1 answer 38 views
I was saving my raw MPX files with the corresponding point file and BMP files on my desktop. Then I copied all the files on my harddrive and deleted the folders on my desktop.
asked Jun 8 by Andrea Hirsch about MicroMeasure
0 votes
1 answer 114 views
Does iClone 6 PRO work on Windows 7 32bit?
asked Jun 7 by satyansh about iClone PRO
0 votes
1 answer 267 views
I open up the endorphin in 2017 just in case it's about the time problem and it says register now but when I click it loads up a page that no longer exists.
asked Jun 4 about NaturalMotion endorphin