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Latest questions about "graphic apps"

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I downloaded the software but executable file does not exist
asked Apr 8 about SedLog
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I purchased SWFBanner on-line a few years ago and I think a product key was sent in an email. However, I can't find that email and the program keeps asking for the key.
asked Apr 8 by Rick Krause about SWFBanner
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Hi i have windows 7 (ACER) and bought Portrait 2 but cannot use with new versions of silhouette design...I have read that works with version 3.
asked Apr 8 by TAMBURINI MANUELA about Silhouette Studio
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How do you find the current page number in the vitalsource app? I need it for citation purposes.
asked Apr 8 by Angel about VitalSource Bookshelf
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We use the Rapidform XOR3 program. I would like the current hotfix and the German language module for this program
asked Mar 11 by Eisenlauer about Rapidform XOR3
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I need a version of ArcSoft PhotoImpression that will work with windows 10
asked Mar 11 by Fred Harris about ArcSoft PhotoImpression
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What is the latest version of PS and is PS 23.1.11 the same as PS 23 deluxe
asked Mar 11 by Dick about The Print Shop
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Both programs come up with the window but, just keep loading. ,What could be the problem?
asked Mar 11 by Dick H about The Print Shop
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We just get the information that the connection failed to ECU. We tried with 2 separate computers but do not get connected.
asked Mar 2 by Kari about Procom PPC
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Where can I buy Score Perfect Professional version 7
asked Feb 28 about Score Perfect Professional
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We are using the Image Optimization SDK from VIMAS Technologies. It can't be installed on Windows 10. Wondering you have a newer version of the SDK works for Windows 10
asked Feb 28 by Kuan Deng about Vimas Imaging SDK
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Where can I find the License Agreement for this software? My IT department won't install this without it. It is no longer listed on the Schlumberger website.
asked Feb 28 by Brian Slater about BlueView
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Do you have a version that supports a LED-403 SX (IP12 24x80 RG). When I installed the 2.08 version and tried to define my sign it only had a 24x160 option.
asked Feb 28 by ric about SignX Media Editor