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Latest questions about "graphic apps"

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I would like to screenshot whatever I click on, regardless of what screen I'm on. If I click something on screen 1 = capture screen 1, If I click something on screen 2 = capture screen 2
asked Apr 29 by Kyle Lacey about Snappy
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The camera DMK21AU04.AS apears in the box for Windows Cameras, but then came the error massidge " an not open the camera".
asked Apr 25 by Thomas Müller about Guidemaster
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After 6 months with divers troubles honestly, the one of today is my filters stopped working since a month so I cant edit my pictures before posting.
asked Apr 25 by Indiana Joe about Gramblr
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Help me
asked Apr 25 by Mohamed faiz Faiz about Adobe Type Manager Light
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what version of PDF XChange Pro allows you to have zchange as add-in to MS Outlook?
asked Apr 24 by Ronnie Farrow about PDF-XChange Pro
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I've been made aware that some versions don't have access to all the tools? do you know if this has full access or where i can upgrade to the extra tools?
asked Apr 24 by Brandon about AutoSketch
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In Windows 10 mapped network drives do not show up in SmartCarve but do appear in other programs, how can this be corrected?
asked Apr 24 by Jason Ovaitt about SmartCarve
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Hi Any can help with FracPro password, would be highly appreciated. Thanks
asked Apr 24 by Abbas Roohi about FracproPT
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Where is the link to download WuPEditor?
asked Feb 13 by Pim Vos about WuPEditor
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Why won't the printer cut all the way though the label and I have no barcode editing in the the insert?
asked Feb 13 about Brother P-touch Editor
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Why win10 is not supported ? Please update version.
asked Feb 12 about TBIL Converter
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Why simulation setup is not opening?
asked Feb 4 about QCADesigner
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Solid is composed of plenty of lines/curves/points. How to measure quickly the peripheral line of this solid (not selecting all lines/curves/points adding them) ?
asked Feb 1 about WorkXPlore
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Kann ich PhotoStudio mit Version 6.09.151 updaten?
asked Feb 1 by Guest #107711537 (120 points) about ArcSoft PhotoStudio
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Since Thinking Worlds is now dead, has anyone been able to migrate the content to other game designers like Unreal Engine? Also has anyone got the extra called “thinkingWorldsAug30_2011”?
asked Jan 29 by ONB about Thinking Worlds
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I have lost the ability to import from my Nikon 3300.
asked Jan 24 by MICHAEL MC CLURE about Picasa
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Program prints square instead of circular label only, how can I fix it?
asked Jan 21 by Sister Angela Erevia about Memorex exPressit Label Design Studio