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Latest questions about "graphic apps"

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I downloaded workspace. I have workspace in my classroom but at home I need a code to allow use. Could I have one ? Thank you Mrs Lagand
asked Jan 15 by Aurélie Lagand (120 points) about WorkSpace
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My old computer ran Windows 7, my new computer runs Windows 10. My Studio III is version 3.0 I can only view my embroidery designs in Studio III.
asked Jan 15 by Mary Stange about Designer's Gallery Studio III
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My pictures I have on Picasa won't download on Messenger. What might I be doing wrong?
asked Jan 15 by Beverly Howard about Picasa
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good morning Step by step to export .MP to Basecam Garmin.IMG? thanks
asked Jan 9 about GPSMapEdit
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asked Jan 9 about Memorex exPressit Label Design Studio
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I had GIMP 2.6 and lost it in a computer malfunction. How do I re install it.
asked Jan 9 by robert about GIMP
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I can draw for 5 - 10 minutes. Then windows says Terramodel is not working. HELP!
asked Jan 9 by Sven about Trimble Terramodel
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Being used to Print Shop, I want to see an 8 1/2" s 11" white page where I can design, bring in things of my own and not just tweek pictures---please tell me how.
asked Jan 9 by Dorene Levora about PhotoScape
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asked Dec 23, 2019 about PrintMaster 2011 Express
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I have a Canon SX60HS camera & this version of Canon Photostitch came with it. The only disc I can find is for Canon Digital Photo Professional Ver.
asked Dec 16, 2019 by Brian Allinson about Canon Utilities PhotoStitch
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Whenever using illustrator i am not able to change the font. If i change INCHARA font to some other font it will not change again previous font will show
asked Dec 16, 2019 by Prakash Pattar about Nudi
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I have .pre files. Will this work on my XP computer? The XP is not connected to the internet. Can I download a file on a newer computer and take it to the XP on a flash drive?
asked Dec 11, 2019 by Julia D about KeyView for Lotus
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Hi there, Recently my PowerDVDpoint Lite doesn't work proprely as before, it shows only half of the file (PowerPoint).
asked Dec 11, 2019 about PowerDVDPoint Lite
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I have downloaded CDs on my new computer. The old one has crashed. I need an activation code. Cricut America cannot give this because they no longer support CDs.
asked Dec 11, 2019 by m. krijger about Cricut DesignStudio