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Latest questions about "graphic apps"

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I want again to know which version of Java ? Thanks and where to download it ?
asked Sep 6 by Rafik about SedLog
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I'm just a novice and want to create caricatures. Is the program user friendly enough?
asked Aug 22 about Caricature Maker
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Can I make 3D molecular models with it?
asked Aug 22 about Chaoscope
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I saved the images from my Mac in Pendrive and tried opening them on the software in Windows 2002. The picture didn't open or load in the software.
asked Aug 15 about Card Desiree CS
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Will FlipAlbum Vista Suite run in Windows 10?
asked Aug 13 about FlipAlbum Vista Suite
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I have version 5 but I lost the serial/key number and I need to move to a new computer?
asked Aug 13 about The Logo Creator
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I have Windows 8.1, will Memorex Label Maker work on it?
asked Aug 7 about Memorex exPressit Label Design Studio
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I have 1.01 version of Greenstreet Business Card Maker, is there a free update?
asked Aug 6 about greenstreet Business Card Maker
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Hi, how to edit a text caption, if I already posted on Instagram? I mean "edit", not "to add". I don't want to delete the whole post/photo from History.
asked Aug 6 by Ilma about Gramblr
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Can I make one book of approximately 400 pages, alternatively can I make 4 books of 100 pages and print them as one book?
asked Jul 22 by Magda van der Lith about Picasso Album Maker
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Where can I buy image folio 4 for windows 7?
asked Jul 21 by JOHN IRIGOYEN about Presto! ImageFolio
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How to download image tool 3.0?
asked Jul 20 about ImageTool
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I'm looking for a tool that lets you display an instance tree, work with it, and measure it, not only point to point, but also other graphical features Thanks M.
asked Jul 20 by Guest #107197837 (120 points) about 3D XML Player
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What is the price of the latest version?
asked Jul 19 about MOST 2D
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File windows\ccrpfd.ocx missing & reboots - ???
asked Jul 16 by David Wall about X-Stitch Studio
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I have a CamFive laser with a dongle and am using Smartcarve software. The dongle only works on 2.0 usb. My laptop only has 3.0 usb.
asked Jul 4 by Rena S. about SmartCarve