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Latest questions about "graphic apps"

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Does this version include PowerPoint Designer View?
asked Jun 2 by Marilyn about Classic Menu for Office Enterprise
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Will this software install and operate on a current Nook?
asked Jun 2 by John about Preview Amcap
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does anyone know where I can get the software for my LED-60-3 SX sign? I got rid of the old computer not realizing the software was on the old computer.
asked Jun 2 by Jeff about SignX Media Editor
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what is the cost of the software
asked Jun 2 by c about Vector Magic
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Hi there are you able to tell me how to weld overlapping fonts in Artcut 2009?
asked Jun 2 by Kristy Martland about Artcut
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In Hyderabad (India ) whom should I contact to know more about Struds
asked May 18 about Struds v11
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I have lost my license number due to a hard drive crash - how can I restore my licensed copy
asked May 13 by Mike Davis about FlipAlbum Vista Suite
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When I click on 'Record' I get the msg 'Cannot setup audio capture filter' I have windows 8.1 any help will be appreciated. Thank you, Geraldine
asked May 13 by Geraldine about Replay Video Capture
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is this iclone 5. polease i want to download
asked May 13 about iClone PRO
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How do I transfer photo impact pro 8.5 to new computer
asked May 13 about PhotoImpact Pro
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I have windows 10 on my new desktop computer. I need to print dvd labels. If I purchase Staples' labels which you say are compatible, will it work with windows 10?
asked May 13 by Sally MacDonald about LabelCreator Pro
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I was able to download the installer and other files included in the zip, but when I try to install, it is password protected and asks for the password.
asked May 13 by young engineer about STOAT
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A patch was made to make version 3 work on windows 7 and later. Worked perfectly and I'm trying to find it again.
asked May 13 by Archie Rice about Ulead Photo Express
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please help me to install sedlog software
asked May 6 by Guest #109441075 (120 points) about SedLog
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1 answer 950 views
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