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Latest questions about "screen capture"

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This application you have made is excellent. But why not make it work on both Macs and iOS computers in general?
asked Oct 19 about MyPrintScreen
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on windows 10 now and can't download. used it since 1990s
asked Oct 8 by roxanne about ScreenPrint32
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Hi, Can i use PrintKey2000 5.10 on win 10 version 1809? Thanks
asked Oct 6 about PrintKey2000
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I am trying to use faststone capture, with a previsouly paid for copy, and to date, the older computer is not allow the program to operate. What do I need to do to get it operating again?
asked Sep 1 by DR about FastStone Capture
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When I click on the rectangle and it jumps to my desktop, my desktop image is almost doubled. This makes it difficult to select the image that I want
asked Jul 26 by Deborah about PrintKey2000
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Everytime I try to download Gyazo I get the following message Unable to execute file: C:\Program files(x86)\Gyazo\GyStation.exe
asked Jul 1 by Marc about Gyazo
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I added a "Voice Over" for a one sentence and the slide that should display disappears as soon as the voice over begins and reappears as soon as the voice over ends.
asked Jul 1 about Camtasia
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I can print clear images on one computer but when I use another one, the images are blurry.
asked Jun 27 about PrintKey2000
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Will this software install and operate on a current Nook?
asked Jun 2 by John about Preview Amcap
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When I click on 'Record' I get the msg 'Cannot setup audio capture filter' I have windows 8.1 any help will be appreciated. Thank you, Geraldine
asked May 13 by Geraldine about Replay Video Capture
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I am using APowerRec (free download). It appears to have a 3 minute time limit. Is that true? Thanks.
asked Apr 15 by David about Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder
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Camera is working, all functions except image capture are working. Have tried two cameras and two versions of software. Capture just doesn't work.
asked Apr 13 by Richard about Future WinJoe
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I'm looking for the MovaviScreenRecorderSetup72_0 Mac version. I have a new user and for some reason its asking me to install it.
asked Apr 8 by Teacher in need about Movavi Screen Capture Studio