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Latest questions about "audio and multimedia"

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When it almost finishes installing there comes up a pop-up message saying Microsoft Library runtime error. How can I fix this error?
asked Nov 21, 2009 about iriver plus
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I can't uninstall this program. I want to install new software but the PC says I must uninstall the old version and it is not uninstallable. What can I do to uninstall WinTV 7?
asked Nov 21, 2009 about Hauppauge WinTV 7
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1 answer 111 views
Is the update from to 6.31 essential?
asked Nov 20, 2009 by Fritz Kistel (120 points) about ArcSoft Software Suite
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Why does it not play video files? What is wrong with the application?
asked Nov 17, 2009 about Google Video Player
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1 answer 183 views
How to start the program with a user which does not have rights for Administrator access?
asked Nov 17, 2009 by s.yakob (120 points) about Video Server E
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1 answer 149 views
I'm using WMPC Home Cinema 1.3.1249 right now, but it cannot read RMVB files. What version do I need?
asked Nov 16, 2009 about Media Player Classic - Home Cinema
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I'm new to this, so i would like to does one use lmms? what does it offer and and how can i access those features?
asked Nov 16, 2009 about Linux MultiMedia Studio
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1 answer 845 views
It keeps saying open failed. any suggestions?
asked Nov 15, 2009 about QvodPlayer
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The application doesn't open files on my desktop or computer. What should I do?
asked Nov 14, 2009 about EPSON File Manager
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1 answer 105 views
Where is my webcam in my HP Mediasmart?
asked Nov 13, 2009 about HP MediaSmart
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1 answer 505 views
I have windows xp service pack 3 on my computer. According to my supplier there are no drivers available for this service pack of win xp.
asked Nov 13, 2009 by J H GOWER (110 points) about Realtek High Definition Audio Driver
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1 answer 95 views
How does it work?I have Vista and registered Diablo II LOD, but it does not seem to make a difference.
asked Nov 11, 2009 by Alied Pérez Martínez (320 points) about 3D Sound Back
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1 answer 430 views
When converting files to MP3, the default genre is always "Blues". Is there a way to not indicate a genre or leave this space blank?
asked Nov 11, 2009 about FormatFactory
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1 answer 246 views
How to unlock Hollywood FX in version 14?
asked Nov 10, 2009 about Pinnacle Studio
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1 answer 90 views
Windows Speech Recognition works, but I can't get screens up as I do not have the correct language (eg. English). Can I do something?
asked Nov 9, 2009 about Windows Speech Recognition Macros
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2 answers 202 views
I used to be able to open and view incomplete files with version 0.82. I can't open files with its latest version. Am I doing something wrong or the newest version does not open incomplete videos?
asked Nov 8, 2009 about VLC media player
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1 answer 84 views
For whatever reason, whenever I download from microsoft, the file ends up being 0kb, and windows doesn't recognize the file. Wtf?
asked Nov 7, 2009 by Martial 1 (100 points) about Windows Media Player
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1 answer 155 views
I like to burn a CD but I cannot find the advised 'Goya burnR' software.
asked Nov 5, 2009 about MAGIX Music Maker
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2 answers 177 views
I can't download songs. It says that I have to register. When I register, it asks me to pay for it. Can you help?
asked Nov 4, 2009 about Ares Galaxy