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Latest questions about "windows"

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Hello, I was given a S100 model & it says in the manual to Download iRiver Plus 4 software. I cannot find any links that enable me to download.
asked Feb 12 by Graham Gillespie about iriver plus
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I have 3.0 version and I can not load it because the Canon Utility loads. It said to turn off Canon Utility, I can't stop it.
asked Feb 12 by William Strang about BackyardEOS
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Are you thinking of making it suitable for new VAT compliance starting in April 2019?
asked Feb 12 about JioSoft Money Manager
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Where can I get the activation code if I am already registered?
asked Feb 12 by Richard Edelen about The Golfer's Diary
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Hi, can I install/download VIP72 on a laptop?
asked Feb 12 by Paul black about VIP72 Socks Client
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The temperature reading has changed from Celsius to Fahrenheit automatically even though default setting is in Celsius; how can I change the readings back to Celsius?
asked Feb 12 by Ladan about iSeries/MICRO-INFINITY Configuration
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I have Living Cookbook 2015 and also had the version prior to that. Has there been an update since 2015 version?
asked Feb 12 about Living Cookbook
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How much time am I allowed to evaluate GRI-GLYCalc before making a purchase decision?
asked Feb 12 by John Lewis about GRI-GLYCalc
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When I open alphalist data entry there attachment data entry system the open: look in. Then it shows folder but before it automatically showed to the qap forms.
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We have ver 1.1 at our Jail. We need to configure it for two , separate login accounts (One for Staff and one for Jail Inmates).
asked Feb 6 by Ralph Washburn about Zebra CardStudio
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After I have installed BenBox and the driver. I select the lighting bolt to setup. It will not show any comports. All I get is a blank bar. I have tried this on a couple computers with no success.
asked Feb 6 by Rory about Benbox
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How to get realtek usb lan utility compatible with windows xp?
asked Feb 6 about REALTEK USB Wireless LAN Utility
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I want to download Recortest 4 Hydrostatic Testing Software.
asked Feb 6 about Recortest 4 Hydrostatic Testing Software v.
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I used to be an S.O.P for AJ and dolly. Is this still the website?
asked Feb 4 by James Hadamik about Skyline mIRC
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Why simulation setup is not opening?
asked Feb 4 about QCADesigner
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Hi. I want download software but I can't.
asked Feb 4 about STARWATCH DUAL PRO I
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Can it be run as a portable app?
asked Feb 4 by Ron Hagley about CanWay
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Iget the following error: The program can't start because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-I1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.
asked Feb 4 by علی خاکسار about Audacity
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I got this app but it wont connect to the unit. Please help me!
asked Feb 4 about GeoSurveyor