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Latest questions about "health and nutrition"

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Hello! Which software I should use for I-FLOW trainer? I have just buy 2nd hand and didn't get original software DVD/CD. Best regards Mitja
asked 5 days ago by Mitja about Tacx Trainer software
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Can't i transfer data from my Garmin 520 Plus to my Garmin Training Center.
asked Nov 9, 2020 by CLAUDIO FUSARO about Garmin Training Center
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my account is blocked and cannot log in again. please advice how to resume my account and reset password. thanks!
asked Oct 26, 2020 by Tsang about Encore Pro
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I connected it by USB cable USB plug and USB micro plug).
asked Oct 12, 2020 by Willi Schanze about OneTouch Software
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Dear Sirs, I downloaded the software. However, There is no way to know the registration name and the activation key. Please help. Dr.S.P.Wimalasiri
asked Sep 21, 2020 by Dr.S.P.Wimalasiri about FeedLIVE Trial
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Where can I send a complain as my radar does not work and my contact in uk does not have time to help me as he said on the email when I asked for help.
asked Jul 22, 2020 by Miss FP about RadarOpus
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I have saveddata of Smart Diary Suite but I ma not able to open with the neversion of software. How can I open the old saved data (in .sd4 format)
asked May 20, 2020 by Sambasivam G about Smart Diary (R) Suite
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I lost CD with software. is it possible to buy a new one? And other question. Is somwhere available calibration pump for Koko? Thank you very much.
asked Apr 27, 2020 about KoKo PFT System
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Hi, I am interested in exploring the possibility of using ActiSmile in my research - may I know where I might be able to get the device?
asked Apr 13, 2020 about ActiSmile
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I am an user of several years of CPM but right now program is blocked. I have 3.0.10 permanent version buy right now I need to have access to software .
asked Jan 9, 2020 by Rodolfo Zumbado about CPM-Dairy
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My sportwatch is very old. I was not able to download 2.0 version. Any other version of Nike+ Connect that I try was not able to connect with my SportWatch GPS
asked Nov 13, 2019 by Mar about Nike+ Connect
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If hyperhealth does not exist where is the sottware coming from? Is it legite? Do you need a code?
asked Sep 16, 2019 by Julie Schneider (120 points) about Hyperhealth Pro
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I am trying tp setup my nike plus fuel band and I not able to connect to the site from my computer. any advice?
asked Jun 24, 2019 about Nike+ Connect
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Application descriptor could not be found for this application. Try re-installing or contacting the publisher for assistance.
asked May 6, 2019 by Guest #44805903 (120 points) about XtremeFit Pro
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is it available for download
asked May 6, 2019 about My Blood Pressure
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Hello, I had to reinstall Firstbeat Athlete but I need activation key. Please advice where can I restore my installation key? Thanks.
asked Feb 13, 2019 by Philippe about Firstbeat ATHLETE
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I click on the Fitbit Connect icon and after sync is completed I click for dashboard, but I only get "products" screen, not dashboard. How do I get dashboard?
asked Nov 12, 2018 by Ralph Pratt about Fitbit Connect