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I have a webcam built into my laptop and it works fine with Skype but when I want to take pictures with the camera it's not there.
asked Jul 1, 2013 about Dell Webcam Central
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I still have the original CD installation driver for Windows XP and I would like to know if I can use the same CD for reinstalling the webcam Look 312P drivers on a new PC running Windows 7...
asked Jun 28, 2013 about Look 312P
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I have a Dell Inspiron N5010 laptop. My webcam is not working, it shows a message that I should close other video streaming applications in order to start the program.
asked Jun 26, 2013
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1 answer 521 views
I need the webcam driver for my Inspiron 1764. Can you help, please?
asked Jun 23, 2013
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1 answer 209 views
Hi, I have problems with my built-in CyberLink webcam. It keeps telling me no webcam detected. What can I do?
asked Jun 22, 2013
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Hi all. I am using Dell Inspiron 4010 laptop with Windows 8 x64 but every time I open Dell Webcam Central, a dialog "Please plug-in a supported device.
asked Jun 20, 2013 by fugy (120 points) about Dell Webcam Central
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Can other people on the Internet see me if I accidentally go on Webcam Central?
asked Jun 15, 2013 about Dell Webcam Central
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I have an A4Tech PC webcam but I do not know if it is model H or model K. How can I detect which camera I have on my PC? It is working but it appears as if I have both drivers.
asked Jun 1, 2013 about A4TECH PC Camera
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I used Asus k52f in Windows 7 but now I upgraded to Windows 8 and the webcam won't work. Any advice how to make it work?
asked May 26, 2013 by Guest #27438831 (120 points)
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1 answer 414 views
I have my laptop, which is a Dell Inspiron N5110.
asked May 25, 2013 by Marcelo Bruckmann (120 points) about Dell Webcam Center
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1 answer 90 views
How can we add a new camera to this software? It is not automatically detected.
asked May 1, 2013 by sebin francis (120 points) about Any-Guard Recorder
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1 answer 234 views
When I right click my Acer Crystal webcam, it is not working.
asked Apr 29, 2013
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1 answer 124 views
"No camera device" shows up when I try to use my built-in webcam. I haven't changed any settings and don't know why this is happening. Help is much appreciated.
asked Apr 21, 2013 about WebCam
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1 answer 136 views
I watch wildlife webcams. Is there a program that I can download so that I am able to watch up to 8 or 10 webcams at once and zoom in a cam when something interesting happens?
asked Apr 19, 2013
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1 answer 142 views
Hi there. I am looking for software to take low altitude pictures using a drone with mounted GoPro camera and then stitch them together to create an interactive map.
asked Apr 12, 2013
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1 answer 407 views
I have a Volcano IC-300 camera. Where can I get drivers and software?
asked Apr 9, 2013
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1 answer 263 views
I've upgraded Acer Aspire 6930 to Windows 7. Crystal Eye webcam works great but I have no green light indicator that lets me know if the webcam is on.
asked Apr 6, 2013
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Why does my Asus webcam turn on by itself when I am using Microsoft Word?
asked Apr 3, 2013
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1 answer 123 views
I have a built-in webcam with my Dell laptop and I used it two days ago, but now it's showing that it's not connected when on IM. What should I do?
asked Apr 2, 2013
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1 answer 351 views
I have a HP Pavilion DV2500 laptop and Windows Vista x32 as the operating system. Could you, please, tell me how I can obtain the driver for the webcam?
asked Mar 31, 2013 by Guest #26911976 (120 points)