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I upgraded my Asus k52f from Windows 7 to Windows 8 and the webcam won't work. Any advice on how to make it work, please?

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I used Asus k52f in Windows 7 but now I upgraded to Windows 8 and the webcam won't work. Any advice how to make it work?

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It seems that the only drivers available for this notebook are designed for Windows 7 32 or 64bit version. In this case you need to use Windows Update to look for drivers. Windows 8 has a big database of compatible drivers. Please use this feature available in the Control Panel.

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It seems that Your Windows 7 driver isn't compatible with Windows 8 So You can get Your Driver From Official Asus website by searching Your Device Model or You can get it through Windows Update...... In case of Direct Server Connection You can easily Update your Windows but In case of Proxy Server Connection you have to set proxy for Windows Update through Command Line or cmd .......
See the Article: How to update Windows through proxy Server

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