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Dell Webcam Inspiron 5010 in Windows 7 Home Premium.

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When I try to click photographs, after clicking one photograph, the camera does not take other photos. It keeps on copying the earlier taken photograph rather than taking a new snap. and also the photograph taken is shown in upside down view. I have re-installed this Dell Webcam Central software, but still facing this problem and also the continuous face recognition feature in camera mode was disabled automatically. What to do?

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I am from Dell social Media and Community.

I am sorry to know about the webcam issue.
This is one of the unusual issue that I have seen. This could be a possible software issue with the system, as the camera works for one click and does not work later. If this was a hardware issue, the webcam would not work at all.
I would suggest you to try and perform a system clean up, by using an Anti-Virus application and verify if your system is infected.
If your system is clean, perform a System Restore, to a previous date when the system was working fine without any issues.

If the system restore has been disables and you cannot access it, the only solution I would recommend is to back up all the important data from your system and perform a factor reset.
Let me know if you need any further assistance.


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You will have to take one picture, save it, then take another one and so on. The camera doesn't work in "burst mode" meaning that it's not possible to take picture after picture. It's probably a limitation of the software. Dell Webcam is known to cause major issues for users even when the system is working just fine or the application is installed as it should. I recommend installing another application which avoids these issue. You can try YouCam for this purpose.

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