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Latest questions about "screen capture"

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I can't rotate videos in Camtasia Studio. It seems to be very easy but I really can't find the appropriate settings. Can you help?
asked Sep 8, 2015 about Camtasia
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Is the latest version of Screen Shot Maker compatible with Windows 10?
asked Aug 5, 2015 by David J about Screen Shot Maker
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I've just downloaded the Elgato Game Capture HD and I'm wondering what cable do I need to connect my Windows to my Xbox 360 to start recording?
asked Aug 5, 2015 about Elgato Game Capture HD
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I need a tracing program that will take a MRI/CT image and convert it into a separate line drawing for the purpose of labeling different anatomical regions.
asked Jul 16, 2015 about heShot
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I have used the Ultrasnap Pro free trial and it has expired. I do not wish to purchase the program and want to uninstall it.
asked Jun 19, 2015 by Steve Randall about UltraSnap PRO
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Ditto (last update) does not run correctly under Windows 10 preview: sometimes it does not want to start, sometimes it starts but it does not remain active.
asked May 19, 2015 by Michel B about Ditto
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At some point last week I managed to change a setting on PrintKey 2000 that makes it so I get an instant screen shot when I hit the PrtScn key, without going through the settings.
asked Apr 14, 2015 about PrintKey2000
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I can't get the Zoom button to work. It does nothing. Images are too big and won't zoom out. Can you help?
asked Mar 27, 2015 about Future WinJoe
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I have often this error message, when I plug the cam and execute the future Winjoe application, when trying to capture an image, the system returns this message: "A webcam is not found or is not...
asked Feb 3, 2015 about Future WinJoe
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1 answer 76 views
I have just started using the Cobra Snipping tool. Would you please tell me how I can attach it to an email ?
asked Nov 19, 2014 about COBRA Snipping Tool
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Screenhunter version says my license will only work on a single use computer. And it will not let me add my registration key.
asked Nov 13, 2014 about Wisdom-soft ScreenHunter Free
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Why does the screen go blank when I plug the cable into my computer?
asked Oct 11, 2014 by Guest #34663143 (120 points) about Elgato Game Capture HD
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We bought the application but when opening files with PSD, it tells us that the version of Photoshop is incompatible, we tested with CS4, CS5 and CS6 .
asked Oct 3, 2014 about Softmatic WebLayers
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1 answer 171 views
I would like to design a database application that will allow an admin user to position the cursor in a field on a data entry form, press a hot key to call a desktop video recording app, save the...
asked Sep 30, 2014 about Free Screen Video Capture by Topviewsoft
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I was laid off work two years ago from this company and was just called back a month ago. Screen Print worked wonderful for me and would print whatever window I had opened.
asked Sep 5, 2014 about ScreenPrint Platinum
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I downloaded the latest Elgato software but when I try to open it, it says there is no specific app for it to open.
asked Aug 31, 2014 about Elgato Game Capture HD
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Will the current version work with Windows 8.1? I used an old version for years but it stopped working with Windows 8. Thanks for the info.
asked Aug 29, 2014 about PrintKey-Pro
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1 answer 292 views
Printkey2000 refuses to print. What to do?
asked Jul 25, 2014 about PrintKey2000
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1 answer 69 views
How to uninstall Timershot?
asked Jun 18, 2014 about Timershot
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The default keystroke does not open files. I am getting a message that the program is already running. Is there another way to access the files?
asked Jun 13, 2014