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Learn how to get back call history after iOS 11 update.

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Finally had the most talked about iOS 11 on my iPhone 7 Plus and it was really cool but I just lost my call history. Can I still get back call history after iOS 11 update? I think they are more important now than ever before.

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The most obvious way to get back your call history would be with the help of an application that has been created to recover things from your iPhone. Of course, there are some available that claim to even restore apps, deleted movies and such, but I think they simply take advantage of the pre-made backups of the phone when you connect it to your PC/Mac using iTunes.

We all know that Apple is highly restrictive with their devices and they won't just allow some apps to mess around the file system looking for logs.

You'll have more chance restoring from the cloud if you have a backup rather than using a "dedicated' app to recover things.

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Do you back up the call logs data on iTunes ? If yes, just import the backup files to your iPhone 7 directly.
If not, not matter. You can try to use a recovery tool, it can recover the lost data on your device.
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