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I had been using Free Download Manager for a month or so with no issues. Abruptly it stopped working. I uninstalled the program and reinstalled it from the software website.
asked Sep 17, 2011 by Douglas Van Doran (120 points) about Free Download Manager
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4 answers 356 views
How can I uninstall Opera browser from my computer?
asked Jun 10, 2011 by rinku 2 (120 points) about Opera
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2 answers 197 views
How to get back the headline of Opera browser?
asked Jan 11, 2011 about Opera
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2 answers 239 views
Is there any plug-in for fast translation only by pointing with cursor?
asked Oct 14, 2010 by Petyo123 (120 points) about Opera
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Why does my FDM refuse to associate itself (automatically) with any file I download? It was not this way before I formatted my harddisk. I was and I'm still using black XP
asked Mar 13, 2010 by Wilfred Boateng (110 points) about Free Download Manager
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2 answers 343 views
I'm using Opera 10.10 and when I go to YouTube (for example) it is asking me to click the grey circle icon "to activate or download the plugin".
asked Dec 24, 2009 by baba (110 points) about Opera
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1 answer 115 views
Why can't I download video anymore?
asked Aug 13, 2009 about Free Download Manager
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One of the main tasks I would like to be able to do with the Internet Download Manager is to be able to copy either a specific product image and description or whole categories from a website and...
asked Aug 28, 2008 about Internet Download Manager
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I downloaded Opera 9.5 and it is not working. There are no search results. Can you help?
asked Jun 12, 2008 by Poul Petersen (150 points) about Opera