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Latest questions about "mac os"

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I get a "communications error" when I try to transfer with Nikon Transfer 2.
asked Jun 25, 2018 by John V
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can you get mods like a Naruto mod and add it to the game or is it just the regular version.
asked Jun 21, 2018
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I can't find any way to unblock my app.
asked Jun 18, 2018
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Basic Mac Data Recovery: The basic question of your mac data recovery starts with whether it is Ok for you to upgrade from your OS X 10.5. Mountain Lion to macOS10.
asked May 31, 2018 by annlee (1.5k points)
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I can't install. It's showing me a "File damage" error. Could you help me, please?
asked May 19, 2018 by Zamy
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I downloaded Kubios HRV Standard 3.1.0 but I couldn't open it because it is requested the key. You sent me by email when I purchased the program.
asked May 17, 2018
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I can use the shortcut to copy the selected color (via magnifying glass), but I cannot see the application to change the color format it is saving to the clipboard.
asked May 11, 2018
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Is Morph Age Express compatible with Mac OS 10.8.5?
asked May 8, 2018 by Wade
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Is there a version that works on Mac OS? I'd greatly appreciate it.
asked May 3, 2018 by Rodolfo about ER Assistant
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Can someone help me to get hold of Zuma Deluxe, no matter what I try, it does not seem to be able to download or buy. Does anyone know a solution?
asked May 2, 2018 by Rita Janssen
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Can I install this program on my laptop as well?
asked May 2, 2018 by Gerry Boylan
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Why does the computer make a horrendous noise when MASSTER AVCAP is plugged in?
asked Apr 23, 2018 by Ace
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I also get the error saying the printer is not found when trying to use the Newsoft CD Labeler program. I have updated to driver and re-downloaded everything.
asked Apr 11, 2018 by tonia
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Will this software work on a MacBook Pro with OS 10.7.3?
asked Apr 10, 2018
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What Mac OS is required for Orban Loudness Meter?
asked Apr 10, 2018
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Why can't I get a 360 video to go into Spatial Meta Data Injector?
asked Apr 7, 2018
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Is Quick Verse 10 compatible with the new Mac OS 10.11?
asked Apr 3, 2018
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How do I get the red words Movie Compresses off of the movie? These bright red words are in the middle of my movie.
asked Mar 29, 2018