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Latest questions about "mac os"

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Hi The Levelator is not working on the new mac. What can be done? Thanks
asked Oct 6 by Noam Keidar about The Levelator
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I'm trying to install amazon music importer for mac v2.0 and it is telling me that it cannot install because of the installer file is damaged.
asked Oct 6 by Cynthia B. Salem about Amazon Music Importer
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does it run on macOS x Catalina
asked Oct 5 about KeyLemon
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How can I down load Feeshuttercounter software for Mac
asked Oct 5 by Vannee about freeshuttercounter
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Hope someone can answer my question, wondering if this Logitech Webcam software is compatible with Mac. My webcam is the C310 HD model. Thanks!
asked Oct 5 about Logitech Webcam Software
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Could the software be updated for MacOs Catalina? 32 to 64 bits
asked Sep 28 by Isbelle about Keiths Image Stacker
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After updated my OS, I am unable to play this game. Getting message that it will not run on the 64 platform
asked Sep 28 by Melissa Ford about Apeiron X
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Will the 64 bit (Mac) version of Snail Mail ever be available? If so, how can I find it? Thanks Joseph
asked Sep 21 by Joseph about Snail Mail
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Hi This app works whit os x 10.6.8? regards
asked Sep 21 by surubiologo about Kext Wizard
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I want to know whether there is a time limit for this even if I pay the amount.
asked Sep 21 by Mohanan M about WIZARD
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Lute and viol tablature uses letters rather than numbers and has the rhythm signs above the stave rather than in it.
asked Sep 16 by Jon about MuseScore
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I don't see any mention of this in the UI.
asked Sep 14 by Michelle about PhotoVault
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i cant download and use this on my Mac OS. running catalina (10.15.4 (19E287) can you help with this?
asked Sep 11 by Lukas Walton-Keim about GPSResults