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Latest questions about "mac os"

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Is Box-Port design compatible with Mac?
asked Nov 24, 2016 about Box-Port Design
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1 answer 227 views
How can I move a thing by drag and drop from one room to another?
asked Nov 22, 2016 by Raúl about Inerzia Things
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1 answer 362 views
Hello, I accidentally downloaded iCAD Mac software onto my computer from your resource, thinking it was free.
asked Nov 19, 2016 about iCADMac
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Can I order Sierra Home to install it on my standard Macbook Air from 2 years old? Will that work correctly? Should I buy an external CD drive or can I download the program?
asked Nov 19, 2016 about Sierra Home Architect
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1 answer 456 views
Macfreelance 2 not working with OS sierra - how do I upgrade & retrieve my information?
asked Nov 15, 2016 about MacFreelance
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I updated to macOS Sierra and now the app is not working anymore. When will the new version for macOS Sierra available? I am very sad because now all my diary notes are gone.
asked Nov 10, 2016 by SII about Diary - The most simple and elegant way to keep a journal.
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How to delete HandsOffAgent from Mac?
asked Nov 2, 2016 by hapnet about HandsOffAgent
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How do I get rid of the Mac Informer icon in my menu bar. Wen I put the cursor on it he cursor changes to the spinning color wheel. This happens on Mac OS X Sierra.
asked Oct 17, 2016 by Joe about SpeedUpMac
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What is the appropriate version of Malwarebytes anti-Malware for Mac running OSX v10.5.8? Your immediate response would be greatly appreciated.
asked Oct 6, 2016 by CYNTHIA ANGEL about Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
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1 answer 122 views
I have been using ExpensAble7 for years, and have changed to a Mac and need a version of ExpensAbles for my Mac.
asked Sep 23, 2016 by Robert White about ExpensAble
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1 answer 231 views
Is there a version of AliWangWang for Mac OS 10.6.8? If yes, where I can download it? Thank you in advance.
asked Sep 21, 2016 by Valery about AliWangwang
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Is there a desktop version I can use with Mac OSX 10.7.5 and if so, where might I find it? The only available download I can find is only compatible with OSX 10.
asked Sep 19, 2016 by Elayne James about Grammarly
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1 answer 170 views
Can you advise if this software does the following: a. Calculation of velocity - of barbell and/or weights b. Calculate displacement (how far the bar moves)?
asked Sep 8, 2016 by Herman about MotionPro
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1 answer 176 views
Will this work with PowerMac G5? Trying to make a highlight video for my high school soccer player.
asked Sep 7, 2016 about iMovie HD old
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Which pre-perforated PAPER product is this software designed to print upon - Memorex? Neato? Avery?
asked Sep 7, 2016 by CDToaster about Disc Cover
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Can Sophos detect and/or delete malware that's already installed?
asked Aug 26, 2016 by contecrayons about Sophos Home
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1 answer 306 views
Will Choice Golf Handicap system work on a Mac computer?
asked Aug 23, 2016 by Chuck Lyon about Choice Golf Handicap System
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Since I upgraded to a new Mac with El Capitan OS, SpotInside has gone a bit flaky.
asked Aug 18, 2016 by Betti about SpotInside
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1 answer 303 views
Does 20/20 Design Software work on a Mac?
asked Aug 15, 2016