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Latest questions about "home and hobby"

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cannot locate old software CD and need to install on my new computer. was able to download program in the past????
asked May 28 by Bill about OBDCOM
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Hi there, I have a Gramin 276C and wanted to load the "Trip & Waypoint Manager" cd on my new computor to load a new T4A version om my 276C.
asked May 28 by CB about Garmin Trip and Waypoint Manager
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*Is Wordsearch Basic compatible with Linux OS? *
asked May 24 by Tom Kiker about WORDsearch Basic
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Can I upgrade to 2014 from 2012?
asked May 17 by Trisha about Family Tree Maker 2014
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1 answer 39 views
Can you download PAF 4 onto Windows 10?
asked May 13 by Roger Bates about Personal Ancestral File
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How do I find out about me in the codes?
asked May 11 about Unlocking The Bible Codes
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1 answer 147 views
Can I buy this software?
asked May 10 about DigiStitch
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I really need to find a copy of 7.0 (updates are probably not really that important to me as the collection I have to sort through (deceased brother's cards) is mostly older stuff.
asked May 10 by dg about The Card Collector
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When I download PF Typer and when I go to open the program it then shows the status: Game data cannot be load 'file seem corrupted". What is happening?
asked May 5 by rakesh ranjan about PF Auto-Typer
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My computer crashed and I need to reinstall program.
asked Apr 18 about InstaClaim
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1 answer 21 views
Is it possible to use Travelogic on a Mac?
asked Apr 16 by antoine ekima travel about Travelogic
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1 answer 256 views
Where can I purchase Weight-By-Date Pro? I get server error when trying.
asked Apr 13 by Graham about Weight-By-Date Pro
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1 answer 23 views
How to update my Papago X3 with other country maps?
asked Apr 13 by Guest #106896820 (120 points) about M3GPS Web Updater
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Downloaded EasyWeather 9.2 and when I connected to the basestation I get invalid pointer error invalid database.
asked Apr 10 by Dave about EasyWeather
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1 answer 92 views
Is there a simple way to use this program on a Mac?
asked Apr 6 about HydroBuddy
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Every time I try to download the application, I am being told that I need to install it to a path that ends in library, which I do not know how to find.
asked Mar 29 about WORDsearch Basic
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What is a SQL statement in the Winspeed program?
asked Mar 29 about WINSpeed
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All I want to know is how to update my GPS TND 530 LM. Can someone help me?
asked Mar 27 about Rand McNally Dock