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I have had this tree for probably 15 years, I have always been able to call up the tree for my daughter, & then print some of the pages. All of sudden it doesn't work!
asked Mar 11 by Sam Hilditch about Eureka's Family Tree
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asked Jan 27 about Ancestry World Archives Project - Keying Tool
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What causes GEDHtree to show a message of non-responding in Task view?
asked Oct 22, 2018 by William P Fahy about GedHTree
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I have RY3 on my Vista computer and wish to transfer program to Win10 Laptop, can this be done?
asked Jul 19, 2018 by Helen about Relatively Yours
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Can I upgrade to 2014 from 2012?
asked May 17, 2018 by Trisha about Family Tree Maker 2014
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Can you download PAF 4 onto Windows 10?
asked May 13, 2018 by Roger Bates about Personal Ancestral File
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Is there a free download for PAF 5.2 available for Mac/Apple?
asked Jan 17, 2018 by Lani about Personal Ancestral File
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I am about to reach my limit on the number of ancestors I can input into the program. Is this program stand-alone or is it reliant on the website?
asked Oct 14, 2017 by Jim about MyHeritage Family Tree Builder
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I have downloaded the latest version of the software. After extracting the setup.exe file, it requests an additional app to open the program further.
asked Apr 18, 2017 about GenealogyJ
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Since upgrading to Family Tree Maker 14.1 I have been unable to open my Charting Companion and am being rather frustrated now with it. Can anyone help?
asked Apr 6, 2017 by James Green (720 points) about Charting Companion for Family Tree Maker
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I have an earlier version of Family Tree Legends, v 4.05, running under Windows 7. Will I be able to upload my existing information to this latest version?
asked Apr 5, 2017 by Peter Micallef about Family Tree Legends
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Is there a version for DftCom2 that can run on Windows10? I have tried one that seemed to me as the proper one, but I had some troubles and one of them related to JAVA.
asked Mar 20, 2017 by Maria Isabel G. da Fontoura about DftCom2
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I purchased The Complete Genealogy Reporter in 2008. I kept my registration information as advised at the time.
asked Feb 15, 2017 by Adele Brunette about The Complete Genealogy Reporter
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I have PAF 5.2 on my Windows 7 computer. If I buy a new Windows 10, how do I set-up and get the data into the new computer?
asked Jan 31, 2017 about Personal Ancestral File
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Hi, I have an .MDB file dated 2004 created by QEFamily Tree dated 1999. Would your program Family Tree Heritage read (and update) this file - or convert?
asked Nov 2, 2016 by brice about Family Tree Heritage
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I had to clean out my computer and now I want to reinstall my FTM 2014. My username is TomT18.
asked Sep 29, 2016 by Tom about Family Tree Maker 2014