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Latest questions about "cataloging"

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I forgot my password to GT 2 program. How can I get it back? Or change it to something I can remember? Help me, please!
asked Sep 1 by Terry B. about GunTracker
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1 answer 59 views
Does version 4.2 work on Windows10 Pro?
asked Aug 14 by ken wilson about CoPilot Health Management System
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1 answer 53 views
I cannot access the purchased version of My Stuff Deluxe anymore. Is there someway to download the working program?
asked May 23 by Chandra about My Stuff Deluxe
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1 answer 93 views
I already have the program downloaded for Windows 8, but I cannot find the link to purchase Book Librarian Plus for Windows 10. Can you direct me to the proper page?
asked May 12 by Clara Page about Book Librarian Plus
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1 answer 22 views
Is the above software compatible with Windows Xp? Also, can the KHS program be used to generate schedules for field service meetings?
asked May 12 about Kingdom Hall Schedules
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1 answer 22 views
How do I get this software to recognize all my movies, and possibly TV shows? I'm on OS X El Capitan 10.11.3. It got most movies even some with incorrect titles, but it just won't process the others.
asked Apr 20 about Movie Monkey
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1 answer 42 views
I have Guntracker 2.4 from 2004 and have not been able to update in years. Is this compatible?
asked Mar 26 by Alan Cotta about GunTracker
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1 answer 26 views
My Stuff Deluxe reverted back to trial version after Microsoft did Windows 10 anniversary update. How do I get key to access my inventory?
asked Mar 5 by C Patton about My Stuff Deluxe
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1 answer 23 views
Using my Canon EOS M to timelapse a drawing, but accidentally deleted some photos because shutter went off while trying to focus.
asked Feb 10 by Venomzodd about Movie Monkey
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2 answers 45 views
I have/had a copy of CATraxx, and my computer went down. Do I have to buy another copy?
asked Dec 22, 2016 by Sam Burnes about CATraxx
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1 answer 74 views
We are receiving an error message when trying to print publisher cards. This is a Windows 10 laptop the program is installed on.
asked Oct 15, 2016 by Rigoberto Reyes about Kingdom Hall Schedules
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1 answer 34 views
I would like to transfer my license for Absolute Media Library ver. 2.1 to a new computer, but I do not know the License Key.
asked Oct 6, 2016 by Terry MacAskill about Absolute Media Library
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1 answer 58 views
There appears to only be old versions available, but considering your online planning does not work on 64 bit machines, I feel sure there should be a version somewhere.
asked Sep 27, 2016 by michael about IKEA Home Planner
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1 answer 41 views
At my church, Delta Presbyterian, we use Book Librarian Plus. Is there a manual available to help me get started with this software?
asked Jul 1, 2016 by Terri Westmoreland about Book Librarian Plus
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1 answer 43 views
I already have the Gobi e-reader, but it is not being picked up in the Adobe Digital Editions, therefore I cannot copy books over from the library.
asked Apr 27, 2016 about Adobe Digital Editions
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1 answer 34 views
I attempted to backup my CYA software program, and it shows on my backup CDs, but couldn't be reinstalled to my new computer. I have not found any customer support to assist me.
asked Oct 15, 2015 by David Peters about Computerize Your Assets
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1 answer 37 views
Does this software support facial recognition? I want a program to sort my photos. I have photos of relatives in their youth and as seniors.
asked Sep 21, 2015 by tweety about Scribus
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2 answers 226 views
I upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 10 and now my What You Own software does not work. Has anyone else had this problem and how can I resolve it?
asked Aug 8, 2015 about WYO Home Inventory
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1 answer 114 views
Is there a Home Planner for Mac OS X?
asked May 10, 2015 about IKEA Home Planner
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1 answer 36 views
I have been using CM3 for several years, but I can't access the upgrade page. Can I safely download 3.2 and install it without losing my data?
asked May 10, 2015 by Russ about Frostbow Collection Manager