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Latest questions about "home and hobby"

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How can I get free Gujarati Kundli Software?
asked Mar 29 by Dharmesh Gheewala about Kundli 7
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1 answer 66 views
Does this program have a buy-sell agreement?
asked Mar 28 about Family Lawyer
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Would you advise how much is Blood Oxygen? I want to buy the software to monitor my Asthma and Blood Oxygen?
asked Mar 27 by Guest #44778983 (120 points) about My Blood Oxygen
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2 answers 22 views
Is it possible to "switch off" the automatic allocation of accession number on each new item entry, in order to scan in a printed barcode specific to the library?
asked Mar 27 by Lynn about Media Library Ministry
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How can I buy and download The Golfer's Diary?
asked Mar 26 by Rick about The Golfer's Diary
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I have Guntracker 2.4 from 2004 and have not been able to update in years. Is this compatible?
asked Mar 26 by Alan Cotta about GunTracker
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For the last couple of days when I connect my Nike Running watch to my computer, it doesn't download my running results. What happened? Instead, it shows website nike.
asked Mar 22 by mr Kris van der Vlies about Nike+ Connect
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How can I transfer audio files (MP3) from and to the phone using HiSuite?
asked Mar 22 by Rabeh about HiSuite
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I have been using Quicken Deluxe version 7.5 and I have always used the Enter key to move across the fields to enter data.
asked Mar 21 by Sandy about Quicken Deluxe
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Is there a version for DftCom2 that can run on Windows10? I have tried one that seemed to me as the proper one, but I had some troubles and one of them related to JAVA.
asked Mar 20 by Maria Isabel G. da Fontoura about DftCom2
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it gives me an "Internal error failed to retrieve Adobe account". Why would Noon Study need an Adobe account to log into my Barnes and Noble account?
asked Mar 17 about NOOKstudy
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We are a company in Holland. At this moment, we have On time PRO. We would have a new - up to date - program from "On Time PRO". Do you have such a program for us?
asked Mar 13 by Siba Autobanden B.V. about OnTime Pro
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Is it possible to receive the NMEA AIS signal from a TCP/IP source into the SeaClaear II software?
asked Mar 9 about SeaClear II
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Where can I purchase SpectraLab432?
asked Mar 9 by Dave about SpectraLab
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What does control sales tick function? I try to calculate the balancing charge/allowance and I tick control sales box and there is no balancing charge/allowance.
asked Mar 7 by EMILIA about Superior TaxComp
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My Stuff Deluxe reverted back to trial version after Microsoft did Windows 10 anniversary update. How do I get key to access my inventory?
asked Mar 5 by C Patton about My Stuff Deluxe
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I am the meet secretary for the University of Aberdeen Performance Swim Team. Our club code NUAX doesn't appear on the list. How can I get it added on?
asked Mar 3 about SPORTSYSTEMS Entry Manager Rev
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I need somebody to help me to model a parabolic cylindrical concentrator using the Soltrace software. There is a model in the library but I can not change the geometric parameters.
asked Mar 1 by djem about SolTrace
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This is an embedded developer from Arya Omnitalk ,India. I am using ELM 327 device which I have interfaced serially with my Microcontroller.
asked Feb 27 by pv about OBD2Spy
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I had purchased our software on 8/17/2009 by receipt number CLGEV8FN. My sale IP address was That was my office computer where I am working.
asked Feb 27 by Vilas about Attractor Genie