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Latest questions about "graphic apps"

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I'm new to AI and I used to be able to transform objects with the selection tool, but now I must click on the transform tool. How do I get my selection tool to transform by default ?
asked Sep 22, 2011 by Tanya Sorum (120 points) about Adobe Illustrator
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I recently installed the Photorecord 2.0. I created an album and when I went to print it nothing happened. I can print from other programs though.
asked Sep 21, 2011 about Canon PhotoRecord
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Can I put a slideshow with music as well as a video on one DVD with the help of Photostage? Is that possible?
asked Sep 21, 2011 about PhotoStage
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I created an animation using Dataton WATCHOUT software but the speed of the movement is too fast. I want to slow it down. Can you help?
asked Sep 21, 2011 by hnin moe wai (120 points)
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I own Topo Canada Version 2.0. Is there an upgrade fee for Version 4.0?
asked Sep 18, 2011 about Garmin TOPO Canada
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How to make your own skin step by step?
asked Sep 16, 2011 about VLC Skin Editor
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I can't find my model in Mudbox after accidentally rotated screen. I even can't find the grid. How can I get back to the initial position? Is there a target zoom in Mudbox?
asked Sep 2, 2011 about Autodesk Mudbox
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I have several CD/DVD labels made on an Epson printer. How do I import them to Memorex Label Maker?
asked Aug 31, 2011 by Dave Case (120 points) about Memorex exPressit Label Design Studio
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Is there an easy way to print the entire Section database for a specific country that is already loaded in the program?
asked Aug 30, 2011 by Robert Raffle (120 points) about STAAD.Pro
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I can't change the font size in CD labeling.
asked Aug 26, 2011 by Hazel 2 (120 points) about HP Photosmart Essential
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How do I stop PictureProject's "import assistant" from opening on startup? I have tried going into the the Control Panel and changing it in the Starup programs but was unable to disable it that way.
asked Aug 16, 2011 by melissa 8 (120 points) about PictureProject
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How can I change the language of iDoodle to English?
asked Aug 13, 2011 by Mati 1 (120 points) about Hanvon iDoodle
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When I go to activate my Microsoft Reader, it tells me I can not activate it until I download ActiveX Control.
asked Aug 7, 2011 about Microsoft Reader
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I have a model and I want several operators to travel through a network node. I have created the network node (with A connections). How can I make the operators to travel through it?
asked Aug 4, 2011 by viki (120 points) about Flexsim
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I need to send a file to the printer which uses CMYK. How can I do that in Illustrator?
asked Aug 2, 2011 about Adobe Illustrator
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I worked with CorelDRAW X3 and I saved my work. Now, I want to open it in CorelDRAW 12, but I can't. I read that you need to re-save the X3 format to CorelDRAW 12 format.
asked Aug 2, 2011 by Yassin (130 points) about CorelDRAW Graphics Suite
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Where do I need to go in order to upgrade Flip Album Pro 5?
asked Jul 30, 2011 by Daniel White (120 points) about FlipAlbum Vista Pro
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How do I order Greenstreet Business Card Maker?
asked Jul 28, 2011 about greenstreet Business Card Maker
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AutoCAD is not running on my computer. I have installed Window 7 on my Sony VAIO PC. Could you tell me what to do?
asked Jul 28, 2011
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Till recently it worked fine. Now, when I click on its icon there is a message saying "Unclassed". I can't open the application. Can you help?
asked Jul 28, 2011 about ZoomBrowser EX