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Latest questions about "graphic apps"

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why nvidia physx properties not been access to my computer(vista 64 bit)???......... but still my computer can play hd games???? there is no nvidia control penal?
asked Sep 26, 2009 about NVIDIA PhysX System Software
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1 answer 97 views
I'd like to create a horizontal separator and I can't find a function to help me do that. Can you help me?
asked Sep 25, 2009 about PolyBoard
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I need Bluetooth Stack for Windows by TOSHIBA. How can I download it?
asked Sep 25, 2009 about Bluetooth Stack for Windows by TOSHIBA
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I am currently using VE-LXI 8 and I have imported a logo from the web and also a clip art.
asked Sep 23, 2009 by jake 5 (120 points) about VE LXi Expert
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2 answers 249 views
How can I download and use a free trial of Adobe Photoshop CS4?
asked Sep 23, 2009 about Adobe Photoshop
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1 answer 137 views
I installed the program, but I need to register it. How do I get a registration number?
asked Sep 21, 2009 about Wondershare Photo Story Gold
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1 answer 128 views
How to send music from my laptop to the phone using Bluetooth?
asked Sep 17, 2009 about Bluetooth Stack for Windows by TOSHIBA
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I can't update ACDCee.
asked Sep 16, 2009 about ACDSee
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2 answers 159 views
Is this program compatible with my Windows Vista 64-bit computer? I spent 2 hours doing something what normally takes 5 minutes to do.
asked Sep 12, 2009 about Print Workshop 2009
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I have %.5074 which came with my CanoScan 8600f. Am I eligible for a free upgrade to 6.0? Thank You,
asked Sep 10, 2009 by Don Hasson (130 points) about ArcSoft PhotoStudio
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1 answer 196 views
I have a new computer and love version 6 of the print shop. My problem is installing it on the new windows vista desk. How can I install this OLD version to my NEW computer
asked Sep 10, 2009 by Patty Clontz (120 points) about The Print Shop
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1 answer 125 views
I'm getting a blank page after I installed Magentic. What can I do? I have to shut down my computer in order to get to my home page.
asked Sep 9, 2009 by judy jones (120 points) about Magentic
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2 answers 155 views
I have the 5.1.616 version of the product and we want to update it. Can you help?
asked Sep 9, 2009 about SureThing CD Labeler Deluxe
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1 answer 270 views
Is there an update for AutoCAD Map 3D 2009 to AutoCAD Map 3D 2010 or do you have to buy the software again?
asked Sep 9, 2009 about AutoCAD Map 3D
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1 answer 144 views
How can I get the full version of FunPhotor for free?
asked Sep 9, 2009 about FunPhotor
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1 answer 105 views
I can't uninstall CoffeeCup Free Viewer. It says that file is missing. Can you help me?
asked Sep 7, 2009 by jljoekool (120 points) about CoffeeCup Free Viewer Plus
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1 answer 139 views
how can i fixed my msi q-face, everytime i used it., theres an error stated "capture deviced was used or not installed".
asked Sep 6, 2009 about MSI Q-Face
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1 answer 188 views
Is there any way to restore the various folders I had in PictureProject?
asked Sep 5, 2009 by Ed Sullivan (120 points) about PictureProject
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1 answer 73 views
Canon Utilities Digital Photo Professional is not working on my computer that uses 1280x720 screen resolution. What can I do?
asked Sep 3, 2009 about Canon Utilities Digital Photo Professional
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1 answer 160 views
How to uninstall AutoCAD 2004 from my system?
asked Aug 27, 2009 by milashmi (120 points)