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To determine number of resources needed.

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I have created a model with 4 activity points(bus stops), where at each activity average passenger arrival rates vary for each time interval. I considered bus as my resource and this bus got a capacity of 100 passengers. This bus has to go to all activity points and stops at each stop for fixed amount of time. For eg: Starting from bus stop 1, the bus carries passengers and drops a proportion of passengers of bus stop 1 at bus stop 2 and loads new passengers from bus stop 2 and so on. It takes nearly 35 minutes for the bus to come back to the origin (the route is kind of a circle). What actions I need to perform in order to simulate this model for 12 hours? Am not concerned about the waiting time of passengers, but the number of passengers waiting in bus stop, to be more precise I need to determine number of buses to be operated.

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The SIMUL8 Resources website provide information about the configuration time for the opened project. I recommend you access those websites where all the procedures are explained.

Google Search:

Use the official SIMUL8 Help page to obtain additional information:

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