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How do I find a post script driver for a Pantum m6500nw printer?

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I just spent a month harassing the telephone company to fix my ADSL line.

Then I finally get my Internet working and my printer installed on the network. Then I find that in order to print on the network, my printer needs to be post script to be compatible with the information being sent to it from the network.

Good grief. I'm not ready to get a new printer. Can someone please tell me how to get a driver or something installed on this cursed printer so that it is post script compatible to print what I need to?

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All the drivers for this product are available on its official website. I've checked that website, and there are drivers for Windows, Mac, Linux plus support for Android.

Here is the download package with all the drivers:

You can also check the page with the drivers through the following link:

asked Sep 30, 2016
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I need a post script driver for Pantum M6500NW.

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