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Where can I find the drivers for Centrinics RS232C?

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I have a Coship cutting plotter. It says Centrinics on its side along with a number RS232C. I cannot find the drivers for it in your program. I am currently using it using AnaExpress-70 drivers. However when cutting it does not always complete the cut and leaves a small point that causes the decal to tear when removing the outer waste. I need to fix this and think the proper drivers or an updated program for the computer might fix it. I currently have CiberCut Max 5.6 but it doesn’t seem to play well with newer versions of Windows. I did not have the issues when I used a computer with Windows 98. But anything newer and it has the cutting issue.

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I've searched the web but couldn't find anything about the drivers and the machine you mentioned in your question. Also, the Windows 98 is a discontinued operating system which means you won't have the possibility to use it on the newer PCs since that software is not supported anymore.

You need to continue using CiberCut Max as it is right now because no other solution is available.

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