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Latest questions about "development"

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how to reinstall the software in pc
asked Jun 24, 2019 about KV BUILDER
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I tried saving notes on the "notes" menu of the software (brewmate) only when I opened it again a couple of week later and opened that specific reciepe the notes had not been saved and I lost...
asked Jun 24, 2019 by Samuel MD about BrewMate
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Been using this for years. Latest update for Windows 10, now it won't work. Very sad. How can I get it to work again?
asked May 16, 2019 by Linda Bradshaw about FAT Sorter
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Hello, I am working on an internal project and i want to see ObjectAda 8.4 compiler and its capabilities. so where can i download objectada 8.
asked May 16, 2019 by Harish about ObjectAda
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Ive downloaded the Alphalist ver 6.1 and already submitted my reports since yesterday and i havent received any email reply from BIR.
asked May 16, 2019 about ALPHALIST DATA ENTRY and VALIDATION
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Does anyone use CodeWright7.5 and Win10? I did already the installtion and principle CodeWright works very well.
asked May 6, 2019 by WJ about CodeWright
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asked Apr 30, 2019 by Guest #107833070 (120 points) about Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Visual FoxPro
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what is the min computer setting requirements for install?
asked Apr 25, 2019 by Cat about FlowMaster
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There is a new version 4.2. Please update it.
asked Apr 24, 2019 by Shocky Salvi (120 points) about GnuWin32 Make-3.81
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I'm trying to open a file and getting an error "Unknown format." message. When I try to click OK and get an error message says "Failed to open document.
asked Feb 13, 2019 about Multimedia Fusion 2
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When I open alphalist data entry there attachment data entry system the open: look in. Then it shows folder but before it automatically showed to the qap forms.
asked Feb 12, 2019 about ALPHALIST DATA ENTRY and VALIDATION
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Hi. I want download software but I can't.
asked Feb 4, 2019 about STARWATCH DUAL PRO I
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I have used the gDesigner IDE to make a simple Windows Installer (MSI) package, but has no problems. I can go to the Project and the select Build menu, and i click Next and go to the Select the media...
asked Feb 1, 2019 about Ghost Installer Studio Standard
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I'd like to buy license key for ARC8 software for Uniden BCT8.
asked Jan 24, 2019 by Guest #107690041 (120 points) about ARC8 software for Uniden BCT8
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I can't sign in to Alphalist Validation Module, what should I do?
asked Jan 24, 2019 about ALPHALIST DATA ENTRY and VALIDATION
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What are the hardware and software requirements to run this software ?
asked Jan 21, 2019 about TurboC 7