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Latest questions about "development"

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Hi there, I'm writing to you on behalf of UNISA, where I work. We would like to buy the licence for the software SPAD. Could you please let us know a quote for that?
asked May 26, 2016 by Laura about Spad
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How to transfer data from BIR Alphalist version 5.01 to version 5.1?
asked May 24, 2016 about ALPHALIST DATA ENTRY and VALIDATION
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Hello! Are you planning a Windows 7 64 bits for your interesting software MSWLOGO? Moreover, is there a release or a patch that could display: - exact results instead of scientific notation 1.
asked May 17, 2016 by Robert SETIF about MSWLogo
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Hello everyone, I just downloaded the Illumination Software Creator and I'm having what could be a beginner mistake, but since I've looked up some videos and tutorials and I'm doing exactly like the...
asked May 17, 2016 by Mitrek about Illumination Software Creator
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I would like to ask how I can buy the Ecusafe program.
asked May 10, 2016 about ECUsafe
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I have successfully installed the Bochs app but I cannot get it to work since it automatically shuts down. What should I do and how can I boot the device?
asked May 9, 2016 about Bochs
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Does this work for 64 bit version of Windows 10?
asked May 6, 2016 by John spencer about Free Serial Port Monitor
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Is the latest version 6.7 compatible with Windows 10?
asked Apr 20, 2016 about Vbsedit
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I'm getting the error "ERROR 10352: No recording gages exist" on HEC HMS. The model is complete, with precipitation and discharge gages.
asked Apr 11, 2016 about HEC-HMS
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I cannot install MatWorx now on Windows 10. What's the fix?
asked Apr 1, 2016 about MATWorX
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When I install the program, it shows there is no available communication protocol. How to fix it?
asked Mar 27, 2016 by Pisit about ProDriveNext
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How to set a cell value with an image?
asked Mar 24, 2016 by sivaprasad about Bytescout Spreadsheet SDK
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I'm currently programming a game using The Games Factory 2 software, I need to precisely adjust the size of a sprite to be half an inch, however the problem I'm facing is how to determine the size...
asked Mar 23, 2016 by Mr. Singleton about The Games Factory 2
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PC powered down during migration to a Mac. How can I power up the PC and continue with the migration?
asked Mar 23, 2016 by Marsha about Windows Migration Assistant
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I was trying to implement discontinuous Galerkin finite element method to solve biharmonic problem. I have successfully implemented dG method to solve biharmonic problem using 'P2dc' element.
asked Mar 8, 2016 by Gouranga Mallik about FreeFem++-cs 32
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Why does 1.6 not see time SQL variable & what will be the cost of Synapse 2.0?
asked Mar 8, 2016 by Ron about Peltarion Synapse
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How can I download vCenter Server 5.5 (free download)? I tried to download but I only could get VMWware Software Manager. And I couldn't download any further.
asked Mar 8, 2016 by Guest #41341545 (120 points) about VMware vCenter Server
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I am using Bullzip to covert Microsoft Access to Postgres 9.4. I used create dump file method which created a .sql file. It only took couple of minutes to create sql file about 35MB.
asked Mar 6, 2016 about Bullzip MS Access to PostgreSQL
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Existing application is running on Windows XP Pro operating system.
asked Feb 10, 2016 by Derek W Brook about CitectSCADA
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I need to buy INAT OPC SERVER for a development project. Do you have a distributor in Canada?
asked Jan 21, 2016 by Misson Jean