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Latest questions about "development"

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I have installed ChemSense on my new MacBook Pro and also loaded the newest version of Java. I continue to get an error regarding the Java requirement.
asked Oct 27, 2016 by Blain Mamiya about ChemSense Animator
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I wanted to start programming, but I don't have any idea which language I should start with. Can someone recommend one? Which would be the best for beginners?
asked Oct 26, 2016 by mrllama (140 points)
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When installing Borland C++ 5.2 in Windows 7 32bit, it shows the alert that a critical installation file (instxtra.pak) is missing or corrupted.
asked Oct 23, 2016 by addis about Borland C++ Compiler
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I need to read the log directly from my application. Is there a way to do that? Is there an API description? Many thanks.
asked Oct 17, 2016 by Phil about EasyLog USB
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How can I execute OpenOPC with pyinstaller? When I'm trying to run the .exe file I have this error: starting connection...
asked Oct 4, 2016 by papakos about OpenOPC for Python
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I downloaded the trial. Works fine. What is cost and how do I do about buying the full version?
asked Oct 4, 2016 by Kevin about GX Works2
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I have the PES Card reader with RS232 Serial port connection. Can this unit be used with a RS232 to USB cable? My new computer does not have a RS232 Serial port connection.
asked Sep 30, 2016 by Betsie de Bruyn about PES2Card
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Hi, In a Spanish Airline Company, Iberia, we have installed FrameScript 5.2 in Windows Server 2003. We want to change to Windows Server 2008 R2.
asked Sep 30, 2016 by Oscar about FrameScript for FrameMaker
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Hello, Where can I find the source code of Qt version 5.2.1? Thanks.
asked Sep 23, 2016 by Silviu about Qt
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Is it possible to run BEA Tuxedo 6.5 on a 64bit Windows 2008 R2 Server? Our application depends on this older version of Tuxedo, but we are looking to move to a cloud provider.
asked Sep 21, 2016 by Ahmed Al-Hujazi about BEA TUXEDO
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I have published an app via the developer console, would like to import this app in Studio. How can I do this?
asked Sep 6, 2016 about Android Studio
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Will this run on Windows 10?
asked Aug 18, 2016 by bob about KV BUILDER
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How do I install Regina (classic) Rexx on Windows 7 (64 bit) or Windows 8?
asked Aug 10, 2016 by joe about Regina Rexx Interpreter
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I use this program to run Point of Sale program and it has just disappeared and is no longer found anywhere on the Internet.
asked Jul 31, 2016 by Guest #42666298 (120 points) about REBOL/View
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I have migrated from Vizacc to HelpNDoc. Vizacc had a table of properties of topics. The lines of the table had different colors showing the stage of each topic.
asked Jul 30, 2016 by Ferenc Nagy about HelpNDoc
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How can I see the tree the help topics? I have saved the constants in C format and got an indented text containing textual and numeric identifiers of them.
asked Jul 30, 2016 by Ferenc Nagy about HelpNDoc
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I have successfully downloaded and installed Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Express Edition from Software.Informer.
asked Jul 24, 2016 by Tamal Mondal about Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Express Edition
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Will Multi-Edit 2006 run under Windows 10?
asked Jul 24, 2016 about Multi-Edit 2006
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I am using Topcon Link software with my Windows 7 Home Premium computer. I would like to know if I upgrade to Windows 10 will this software work?
asked Jul 24, 2016 by Lankaprema about Topcon Link
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I'm a beginner in Android Studio and I would like to know how do I create webview for 3 different activities like Facebook Web, YouTube Web and linking it from my homescreen which has Facebook and...
asked Jul 22, 2016 by Denyse about Android Studio