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I would like to download a previously purchased Fluke View forms 3.3 and designer to a Windows 10 operating system so that I can retrieve my Fluke 54 II data.
asked 6 days ago about FlukeView (R) Forms Demo/Reader
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asked Jul 1 by Debra Krahling about ComPlay
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I have an ASRock X79 Extreme9 motherboard. I just rebuilt it using Windows 10 OS. Can I install ASRock XFast LAN utility ver:9.05 on it. That is to say, is it meant for Windows 10?
asked Jun 2 by Brian C. about XFast LAN
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dear please Whith windows 10 the software Real Ptt it's compatible? thanks
asked May 6 by Roberto about REAL-PTT
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I need to upgrade lab PCs that run duoflow any help ?
asked Apr 27 by Tim about BioLogic DuoFlow
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Every time windows does updates I seem to have a problem opening Tablesmith and the first time I try I get errors, and subsequent times no errors just won't open.
asked Apr 20 by RL about TableSmith
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I can't stop updating of Windows 10! Can you help? Thank's for answers...
asked Apr 8 by acheter-aralen (200 points)
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we were using to this program in window 7. we will change window 7 to window 10. is the program available in win10 and 64bits? if it is not posible, would you recommended other program?
asked Jan 15 about AVer MediaCenter 3D
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Hi, could you please write me right link to ezTour for Windows 10. When I try upload ezTour 3.1 I see info that this version is not yet avaible and your website direct me to 3.
asked Dec 9, 2019 by Basia about HOLUX ezTour for Logger
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When i login to encompass in Windows 10 machine it shows the following error "Unknown login error: The type initializer for 'EllieMae.EMLite.
asked Sep 13, 2019 by Kannan about Encompass360
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asked Aug 10, 2019 by mm about Power Ge'ez 2010
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what versions of Microsoft Office Excel work with IG-XL version 10.10
asked Jul 31, 2019 by art about Teradyne IG-XL
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we must migrate to windows 10 very soon, please express any steps to take for preparation?
asked Jul 15, 2019 by Steve Lacy about SpinWorks
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I refuse to use illustrator! It is awful. I want my old program back, but am using a newer computer. Please help?
asked Jun 3, 2019 by Mrs Jones about Macromedia FreeHand
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Been using this for years. Latest update for Windows 10, now it won't work. Very sad. How can I get it to work again?
asked May 16, 2019 by Linda Bradshaw about FAT Sorter
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I am using TopSpin 3.2 to run my Bruker NMR instrument, using Windows 7 Professional. Can I run TopSpin 3.2 using Windows 10?
asked May 14, 2019 by Robert about Bruker TopSpin
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Hi, guys, I just want to know if the Video Subtitle Editor syncs the subtitles with the movie and if it works on Windows 10. Thank you in advance, Marius
asked May 13, 2019 by Marius Teodorescu about Video Subtitle Editor
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Can be directly played on W10 or it needs an emulator for W3.1 or W95? Thank you
asked Apr 24, 2019 by diripriate about Strategy Games of the World