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I am very sad, with the new windows 10 update for my 1903-version Printer Pro desktop does not function anymore. Before it was lovely. Now: The connection closed gracefully.
asked Sep 22 about Printer Pro Desktop
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asked Sep 11 by John Boyle about RxIndex 97
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Which version of Cubase do I need for my Mac OsX 10.10.5 ? I have a CD with Cubase LE 6, but my Mac deny to install it.
asked Sep 1 by Renate about Cubase LE
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I would like to download a previously purchased Fluke View forms 3.3 and designer to a Windows 10 operating system so that I can retrieve my Fluke 54 II data.
asked Jul 9 about FlukeView (R) Forms Demo/Reader
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asked Jul 1 by Debra Krahling about ComPlay
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I have an ASRock X79 Extreme9 motherboard. I just rebuilt it using Windows 10 OS. Can I install ASRock XFast LAN utility ver:9.05 on it. That is to say, is it meant for Windows 10?
asked Jun 2 by Brian C. about XFast LAN
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dear please Whith windows 10 the software Real Ptt it's compatible? thanks
asked May 6 by Roberto about REAL-PTT
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I need to upgrade lab PCs that run duoflow any help ?
asked Apr 27 by Tim about BioLogic DuoFlow
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Every time windows does updates I seem to have a problem opening Tablesmith and the first time I try I get errors, and subsequent times no errors just won't open.
asked Apr 20 by RL about TableSmith
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I can't stop updating of Windows 10! Can you help? Thank's for answers...
asked Apr 8 by acheter-aralen (200 points)
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we were using to this program in window 7. we will change window 7 to window 10. is the program available in win10 and 64bits? if it is not posible, would you recommended other program?
asked Jan 15 about AVer MediaCenter 3D
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Hi, could you please write me right link to ezTour for Windows 10. When I try upload ezTour 3.1 I see info that this version is not yet avaible and your website direct me to 3.
asked Dec 9, 2019 by Basia about HOLUX ezTour for Logger
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When i login to encompass in Windows 10 machine it shows the following error "Unknown login error: The type initializer for 'EllieMae.EMLite.
asked Sep 13, 2019 by Kannan about Encompass360
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asked Aug 10, 2019 by mm about Power Ge'ez 2010
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what versions of Microsoft Office Excel work with IG-XL version 10.10
asked Jul 31, 2019 by art about Teradyne IG-XL
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we must migrate to windows 10 very soon, please express any steps to take for preparation?
asked Jul 15, 2019 by Steve Lacy about SpinWorks
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I refuse to use illustrator! It is awful. I want my old program back, but am using a newer computer. Please help?
asked Jun 3, 2019 by Mrs Jones about Macromedia FreeHand