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1 answer 192 views
Can you just play Minecraft, not download it, on the 3DS?
asked Dec 19, 2014 about Minecraft
0 votes
1 answer 873 views
Is Dscraft Minecraft available for 3DS?
asked Dec 19, 2013 about Minecraft
0 votes
1 answer 102 views
I have recently downloaded Netflix on my 3DS XL, but whenever I attempt to log in, it says that it can't access Netflix right now.
asked Dec 5, 2013 by man-eating goat (120 points)
0 votes
1 answer 394 views
Are there websites that allow you to play games using a 3DS?
asked Mar 26, 2013
0 votes
2 answers 433 views
I need AdobeFlash Player on my 3DS so I can go on Binweevils & Club Penguin. How can I do this?
asked Mar 23, 2013
0 votes
7 answers 4.1k views
I am searching for a version of Skype compatible with my Nintendo 3DS to chat with my friends.
asked Dec 14, 2012
+1 vote
4 answers 4.1k views
Can you download Adobe Flash Player on Nintendo 3DS?
asked Dec 7, 2012
0 votes
4 answers 31.9k views
I am wondering if there is a program that converts C4D files into 3DS or LWO files? Something other than Cinema 4D? Thanks,G!
asked Aug 28, 2012
0 votes
6 answers 7.5k views
0 votes
5 answers 3.9k views
I just want to watch funny videos, epic fail videos, and especially "Let's horribly Break Pokemon Blue Version". I really like Pokemon.
asked Jul 6, 2012
0 votes
19 answers 5.5k views
Why can't I download Adobe Flash Player? My 3DS refuses to download it.
asked May 6, 2012
0 votes
1 answer 619 views
Can I download utorrent on my 3ds? If so, how?
asked Apr 29, 2012
0 votes
3 answers 5.4k views
I want to download some apps on my 3DS but even when I go online and ask this question, I'm always told to use eShop. I can't use this program because it isn't working right now.
asked Apr 25, 2012
0 votes
1 answer 199 views
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