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I am very keen to try using MapInspect but cant work out how to format .map files for input. When I try to use help, I get a message saying "Cannot open file mapcomp.
asked Aug 17 by Kathy D about MapInspect
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Despite I set up VPNE and Omni-Rig, neither WSJT, JTDX or LogOM works with Omni Rig. I use Windows 7. Please, do you have any tips? Thank you.
asked Jul 26 about Omni-Rig
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At start it worked very good, but after long analysis it starts to freeze.
asked Jul 22 by Robertas Čėsna about AngioTool
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I have NIDEKA NU-2300 fingerprint and I need thee a dating for my employee. Can you help?
asked Dec 3, 2019 by Barang Yorn about NIDEKA FingerPrint Time Attendance System
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Hello, I want to download the program mymammut beta. Could you help ?
asked Oct 23, 2019 by baran ilçi about myMammut
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What is the code?????????????????????????
asked Dec 20, 2018
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On installation I get the message: The procedure entry point Loadlibrary could not be located in the dynamic link library C:Windows\System32\msjiro.
asked Nov 6, 2018 by ROLAND NEIL Blignaut about Visual Song Book
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I have a Chromebook and I have yet to find an unarchiver for me. Any recommendations?
asked Oct 16, 2017 about Ultimate Auto Typer
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I have this .mp4 that I want to convert to a bs7 or any type of file that the Win7BootUpdater2 can read.
asked Nov 26, 2016 by Catherine
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How to install Combine Destiny 2016?
asked Jul 11, 2016 about Combine Destiny
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Since Windows Server 2012 Microsoft system does not support *.hlp files thus we are not able to use WinFIOL's help. Could you provide a solution for this?
asked May 13, 2016 by Daniel Grot about WinFIOL
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Hello, I've bought a new laptop PC with Windows 10 x64. I can't find the drivers for my Toshiba E-studio161. Anyone can help me please? Thank you so much!
asked Apr 16, 2016
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So one of my friend's account all the sudden said pending and I got really nervous. I thought they removed me or something.
asked Mar 1, 2016 about Snapchat
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Trying to make a slideshow with only one folder and it keeps adding multiple other folders. How do you add only one folder?
asked Jan 23, 2016 about Lenovo Photo Master
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I had Tegaki Messenger with my friends while running Windows 8.1 for a while then one day it just stopped opening. Immediately crashing upon clicking it.
asked Aug 16, 2015 by A about TEGAKI MESSENGER
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How do I email a document on the AndrOpen Office app from my android Proscan tablet?
asked May 28, 2014
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The previous smartphones I had (Samsung) never took so long to download. The Play Store says that the download is in process but my phone doesn't show me a percentage.
asked Apr 24, 2014
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If I deactivate Viber on my Android for a short period and decide to reactivate it 2 weeks later, will I lose all my conversations and pictures and videos?
asked Jan 7, 2014 about Viber Messenger
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I have recently downloaded Netflix on my 3DS XL, but whenever I attempt to log in, it says that it can't access Netflix right now.
asked Dec 5, 2013 by man-eating goat (120 points)
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We bought the WinSism v9 program in the 2000s (somewhere in 2000-2005). This program was used by another person and they have left our organization.
asked Nov 25, 2013 about WinSism V.9