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What do I need to do to watch youtube videos on my 3DS?

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I just want to watch funny videos, epic fail videos, and especially "Let's horribly Break Pokemon Blue Version". I really like Pokemon. I really want to know what I need to update, how to do it, or when the 3DS update for YouTube will come out. Thorough explanation would be appreciated, but any answer will be accepted. Thank you so much!

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the website wont let you play/watch what it has because our 'mobile' cannot accept it

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The browser of the Nintendo 3DS doesn't support Adobe Flash technology therefore you won't be able to watch videos on YouTube or play something that uses Flash. The only solution to this is to download the videos to a computer and convert them to a format 3DS recognizes.

At this point there is no update that will allow you to watch videos from YouTube.

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i am really sorry to say this but there is no software, app or download to see youtube videos on a 3ds. I know because i am posting this from a 3ds. But, there is a rumor that nintendo is working on this because it was supposed to be pre–downloaded and will send the app (which will be free) notifications as soon as it hits the eshop

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nintendo is **** if u can't watch youtube on it

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I too am anwsering this on my 3DS and I heard over the internet that about the same time netflix came out youtube would too but i didnt see it :[

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The official YouTube app is now available on the Nintendo 3DS.

This application is available for free download on the Nintendo eShop in all regions and allows for viewing of YouTube-videos on the system.

The app does not support viewing of 3D Video content to this day, however it may be supported in the future.

The video quality and overall experience of the app is quite slow and buggy, but it does work.

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