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Latest questions about "science"

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Please confirm the licensing price for Micro-Checker v 2.2.3.
asked Jul 7 by GEOVANNI GONZALEZ about Micro-Checker
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I was using the Mercury program and I enjoyed it. So I thank you very much. However, there was a problem with my computer the other day. In this case, my computer was formatted.
asked Jun 1 by Zeki KARTAL about Mercury
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How can I modify a variable? I mean, I have the Apple data and at some point, the values are divided by 7. I want to multiply this last part of the variable by seven to get a correct form of the data.
asked May 30 by dummy about gretl
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Why isn't it working on Windows 8 64bit?
asked May 25 by Khushbakht Sarosh about AEDsys
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When I try to download Jalview, a message appears saying that the file will damage my computer. What can I do? I need to work with this program.
asked May 9 by yul about Jalview
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Dear Sir/Madam, I want to know the price of Discovery Studio for Ubuntu?
asked May 5 about BIOVIA Discovery Studio 64-Bit Client
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Is there need any license or is there a free version of FTK 5.1?
asked Apr 20 about Forensic Toolkit
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I installed easyLINKAGE Plus v5.02 on my Windows PC, but I get an error message when I run FASTSLINK. The error message is about the incompatibility with the 64-bit version Windows.
asked Apr 13 about easyLINKAGE Plus
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How do I purchase MultiQC for my laboratory and is there a demo I can run trials on before I purchase this software?
asked Apr 12 by Kulwantie Mohabir about MultiQC
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I have used DnaSP 5.0 software. In the present I download but cannot install the program. Windows 10 says it is not the correct format package.
asked Apr 12 by Zarifa about DnaSP
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How much does the full version of S&THex cost?
asked Mar 22 by Herman Snow about S&THex
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I would like to know if ChemDraw Pro requires a serial number or not and if it does, how can I get one? Isn't this the free version of the tool?
asked Mar 17 by fatin amran about ChemDraw Pro
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Having trouble getting Flrig working with ftdx1200. I input 5 watts and stays there until I turn the radio off. Then I cannot get it to "vfo b" at all, unless on flrig.
asked Mar 13 by Ron Rvans about flrig
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Could you please tell me how to obtain a serial key for LigandScout? Thank you.
asked Feb 28 by Tassadaq Hussain Jafar about LigandScout
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Can I use ODV with a Mac OSX 10.12.3?
asked Feb 26 about Ocean Data View
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1 answer 13 views
I downloaded ChemBio3D 12 using the free download option. How do I obtain a serial number to activate the product?
asked Feb 9 by Dr Victor Olori
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I have found that I am unable to resolve the IP address for at this time. I really like Radioworks and I suspect that the GeoData resides at deserthail.
asked Jan 25 by Don about RadioWORKS
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Does Gaussview 5.0 work with Windows?
asked Jan 22 by Cherisse about GaussView
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2 answers 57 views
RadioWORKS is a nice little program for RF engineering, but no longer works as it fails to connect to a Geodetic Parameter Dataset.
asked Dec 30, 2016 by Glenn Pollock about RadioWORKS
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1 answer 119 views
How can I provide a reference for BioEdit?
asked Dec 21, 2016 by Catherine Bi about BioEdit