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Latest questions about "windows 7"

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Hi, we are upgrading some laptops from Windows XP to Windows 7 and want to confirm that V5.04.0000 of the CPR04 Relay Software will be compatible with Windows 7.
asked Nov 2, 2016 by kswel about CPR04 Relay Software
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I have purchased PC Ultra Speed, but have, since purchasing, my hard drive cleared and Windows 7 reinstalled. How do I get this program reinstalled?
asked Oct 31, 2016 by CAROLINE WARD
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How does Exposcope work on Windows 7?
asked Oct 26, 2016 about Exposcop Studio
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Will Greeting Card Factory Deluxe version 9 install on Windows 7 64 bit?
asked Oct 17, 2016 about Greeting Card Factory Deluxe
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CDLWin Version 3.44 does not work on my Windows 7 64bit. How may I update it?
asked Oct 15, 2016 about CDLWin
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Will this work on Windows 7?
asked Oct 15, 2016 by Sandra Kensler about Type To Learn Jr.
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What version of WiDi driver is for Windows 7?
asked Oct 13, 2016 about Intel WiDi
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I have Micrografx Windows Draw6 on CDs. I now have a Windows 7 computer and would like to install Draw6 on the new computer. Is this possible or do I need to download a more recent version?
asked Oct 11, 2016
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The program gets installed but keyboard layout is not working in the application.
asked Oct 8, 2016 about GUJ-Key
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Is this software available for Windows 7?
asked Oct 3, 2016 by Guest #32636328 (140 points) about UC Browser
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Will this work with Windows 7?
asked Oct 3, 2016 by Kim Williams about Sew Precise 4
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Is there a 64-bit Windows 7 compatible version of Train Tracker? I got an error when I load v5.5 for 2005. Thanks.
asked Sep 29, 2016 about TrainTracker
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I receive emails via GMail on a laptop running Mozilla. Will GMail Notifier Pro inform me with a sound when an email arrives?
asked Sep 29, 2016 about Gmail Notifier Pro
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TrustEdgeIDx64 won't work on AMD Turion laptop (Windows 7 Pro). Any solutions to this problem?
asked Sep 27, 2016 by Mr. Milan about TrustEdgeID
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I need a driver for the MK44BK USB Trackball for Windows 7 Pro 32-bit. It's a fabulous design and now that WiFi has been recognized as not too healthy the one from Logitech is no good.
asked Sep 24, 2016 by Djyll about SANWA Keyboard & Mouse Driver
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I've installed DLS ver 1.41 (workgroup) in Windows 7 ultimate x64 and upgraded to 1.61, after that, the clients reconfigured on LAN don't work any more.
asked Sep 23, 2016 by Armando Sandoval Ayala about DLS SA
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Will Quickloader work on Windows 7?
asked Sep 23, 2016 by Ted about Quickloader for Windows
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How do I move my existing Nitro Pro version 10 from my old Windows 7 computer to my new Windows 10 computer?
asked Sep 23, 2016 by Jerome Bacon about Nitro Pro
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We have a single licence for Clockwatcher Lite. This program sits on a Windows XP SP3 computer.
asked Sep 12, 2016 by Paul Guilmin about ClockWatcher
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My Windows 7 will not support Live Pix 2.0. Can you help a gal out here? I love my Live Pix and do not want to lose it.
asked Sep 3, 2016 by Barb about LivePix