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Latest questions about "windows 10"

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I bought CinEx HD and now that I've upgraded to Windows 10, it won't activate.
asked Apr 11, 2017 about DVD-Ranger CinEx CinEx HD
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This download is not working on my Windows 10 PC. Error T-Bar is not allowed to run on Windows. Setup aborted. Anyone else have this problem and know what to do?
asked Apr 10, 2017 by Alex D (250 points) about T-Bar
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I have an old Zondervan Interactive Scholar Edition, information is still good but I can't install it on my PC with Windows 10 desktop. is there a way.
asked Apr 6, 2017 by earleantooley
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I bought the "Tell Me More CD-ROM" 15 years ago for several languages.
asked Apr 4, 2017 about InstallShield Wizard
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With Cyberview driver and software installed, loader.exe appears not to execute. I'm running Windows 10, does that prevent execution, and if so,will this software run only on windows 7 and earlier?
asked Apr 3, 2017 by Richard Frede about CyberView CS - Memor-ease
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Will Memorex exPressit Label Design Studio 4.3 run successfully on Windows 10 Home?
asked Apr 3, 2017 by Vince H. about Memorex exPressit Label Design Studio
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Dears, you mention that the latest SiI3132 SATARAID5 driver version is Do you know whether this driver works on Windows 10 or not?
asked Apr 3, 2017 by Ray about 3132-W-R SATARAID5
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Will IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 run on Windows 10, and if it does, can I use a joystick with the game?
asked Apr 3, 2017 by vultee about IL-2 Sturmovik 1946
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I have a DMS 2 UT machine and using Ultramate to download my readings on Windows XP. Is there a version or upgrade for Ultramate software for Windows 10 or higher?
asked Mar 31, 2017 by Sam about DMS Upgrade Utility
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1 answer 67 views
BijoyBayanno is not working properly on Windows 10.
asked Mar 30, 2017 about BijoyBayanno
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1 answer 117 views
My hard-disk crashed recently and I am forced to use a different one. Unfortunately, E-Z Contractors Forms CD will not install on Windows 10.
asked Mar 29, 2017 by Samuel Styron about E-Z Contractors Forms CD
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Is T-Shirt Factory Deluxe compatible with Windows 10?
asked Mar 29, 2017 about T-Shirt Factory Deluxe
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1 answer 240 views
I have a new Windows 10 desktop and it didn't come with Windows Live Mail. Is there a potential problem installing the applicaiton?
asked Mar 29, 2017 by James Green (720 points) about Windows Live Mail
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How do I install it on Windows 10 as well?
asked Mar 24, 2017 by asd about eToken PKI Client SP1
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1 answer 283 views
Will Ava Find work on Windows 10?
asked Mar 24, 2017 about Ava Find
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1 answer 211 views
Does this program work with Windows 10? Kodak's website only lists 8, 7, Vista, and XP as supported operating systems.
asked Mar 22, 2017 by Kateri about KODAK Share Button App
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1 answer 106 views
Is there a version for DftCom2 that can run on Windows10? I have tried one that seemed to me as the proper one, but I had some troubles and one of them related to JAVA.
asked Mar 20, 2017 by Maria Isabel G. da Fontoura about DftCom2
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Can I get a Windows 10 driver for this graphics tablet?
asked Mar 20, 2017 by Mike about SilverCrest drivers
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1 answer 198 views
My PC crashed and I had to buy a new one with Windows 10. Unfortunately, I cannot install Medical Expense Manager on the new system. Is there a workaround for this?
asked Mar 17, 2017 by TedE about Quicken Medical Expense Manager