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I have been working 30-years on computers S/3, S/38, AS/400 and iSeries. Recently I developed an application, which covers the fields of distribution, finance and analyses.
asked Feb 1, 2015 by Jozef 2 (120 points) about WinRPG-Personal Edition
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We are returning to Layers from next year but have misplaced our original disc, can you tell me please the price of a new program?
asked Nov 19, 2014
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I need CoLOS Create Pro software. What is the acquiring price?
asked Aug 29, 2014 about CoLOS Create Pro
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How much is a single-user license of Simmulex? It will be installed on a PC. The OS is Window 7.
asked Aug 27, 2014 about Simulex
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What is the cost of this software?
asked Aug 16, 2014
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I run a small eye hospital and want Mini IHMS software. Can you provide some info and price?
asked Jul 20, 2014 about IHMS_NEW
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Where can I buy OmniCAD software?
asked Jul 13, 2014 about OmniCADD Hydraulic Calculations
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What is the price on Twister Monarch Video Editing software with hardware?
asked Jul 10, 2014 about Twister
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How much does the latest version of the The Old Muret German dictionary cost? (I have the 2001 edition). And does the download software substitute tool bars, pop ups, malware, etc.
asked Jul 7, 2014 about The Old Muret German to English Dictionary
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After using the program: I'd like to know the price for this program.
asked Jul 7, 2014
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Looking into purchasing an electronic medical/psychological records program.
asked Jun 10, 2014 about TheraScribe
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What is the cost of this billing software?
asked Jun 9, 2014 about Saral Billing
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1 answer 63 views
How much does LISA+ cost?
asked Jun 3, 2014 about LISA+
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I would like to use Reflection software in my office environment for Out-of-Band access to network devices (dial up to Aux port of network devices using modem).
asked May 28, 2014
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Is the program commercial?
asked May 24, 2014 about BusinessCards Infinity and ProLabels
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What is the price for Toast Titanium 11 by Sonic Solution?
asked May 7, 2014
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What is the price for two users licence?
asked May 2, 2014 about Carpe Diem® Time Tracker
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Is there a new version available and what is the price?
asked Apr 23, 2014
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What is the cost of the Understand tool for C++?
asked Apr 8, 2014 about Understand
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How much does it cost?
asked Mar 26, 2014 about Professor Teaches Internet Explorer 11