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Latest questions about "genealogy"

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I have to update my software and don't want to lose my information. Can I import my information to this software?
asked Jul 27, 2014 about Family Tree Maker 2012
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I have Generations Family Tree Grande Suite V 6.0. I've updated my computer to Windows 8.1 and the program will not load. What can I do?
asked Jul 26, 2014 about Family Tree Maker 2014
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When I try to open one of my Family trees on Eureka's Family Tree Creator, this message appears: Application Error: List index out of bounds (0).
asked Jul 7, 2014 about Eureka's Family Tree
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I would like to register GedHTree. The 'Register' button at WWW.GEDHTREE.COM gets a 404 error. Have any idea where I can register this product?
asked Jul 3, 2014 about GedHTree
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Where do I get the password to print out the chart?
asked Jul 2, 2014 about OnePage Genealogy
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Have just downloaded this and am trying to select existing FTM file to open but this program tells me that it is unable. The FTM file is part of the Family Tree Maker 2014.
asked Jun 26, 2014 about Charting Companion for Family Tree Maker
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I want to store my family history, but don't want to share it with strangers. Do not want or need an Internet based software. Is this "Smart Genealogy" what I could be looking for?
asked Jun 13, 2014 about SmartGenealogy
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How to change font in My Heritage Family Tree running on Windows Vista?
asked Apr 16, 2014 about MyHeritage Family Tree Builder
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I will buy the new capillary ABI Sequencer that I will use on a Windows 7. Can I still use the GeneMarker V1.90 with the orange dongle? Or do we need an updated version?
asked Mar 31, 2014 about GeneMarker
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Can you transfer information from Personal Ancestral file 5 to file 5.2?
asked Mar 20, 2014 about Personal Ancestral File
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Will Eureka's Family Tree run in Windows 8?
asked Jan 26, 2014 about Eureka's Family Tree
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Computer hard drive crashed which contained PAF program and the OS. My information was saved on another partition.
asked Jan 13, 2014 about Personal Ancestral File
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Approximately 10 years ago I put a lot of info from my family on an WinFamily demo and I put it in among a lot of demo peoples names.
asked Dec 21, 2013 about WinFamily
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Unable to activate the trial version. I've purchased a registration Number for PC and I'm using it on my Nexus 7 running 4.4 Android. How can I fix this?
asked Dec 7, 2013 about GedStar Pro
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I purchased GedStar Pro a while back and when I updated to Internet Explorer 10, my program keeps saying I have 28 days left on my free trial.
asked Oct 23, 2013 about GedStar Pro
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I have .ftw files created in old Family Tree software. Can I import them to Family Tree Maker 2012 (German version)? Thanks in advance, Mathias.
asked Apr 15, 2013 about Family Tree Maker 2012
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My female Cousin (from my father's family) is married to my uncle (my mother's brother), her name is written twice in my father's and mother's families.
asked Jan 27, 2013 by HiD (120 points) about Agelong Tree
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My Family Tree Maker 10 program tells me that it is not compatible with Windows. I have tons of info in my program. What can I do?
asked Aug 17, 2012 about My Family Tree™
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What is the lowest number of sample in each group (treated and untreated) that I can analyze using RES 2009?
asked Sep 25, 2011 by krystyna 1 (120 points) about REST 2009
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I made my family tree witch contains 622 people. I want to print it on a "roll" so I created one JPEG and a PNG file and send them to the printing shop.
asked Sep 12, 2011 by vesko (120 points) about Agelong Tree