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In Excel 2013, Noetix add-in is causing Excel to crash: An exception occurred while calling function "GetEnabled".
asked Aug 9, 2016 about Noetix Add-In for Microsoft Excel
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This is my problem.
asked Jul 19, 2016 by david about Microsoft Office Excel
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I am wondering if this add-on will work with Office 365's versions of Excel (Excel Online, and Excel Desktop Version).
asked Jun 4, 2016 by Alexander Dignan about APOS InfoScheduler for SAP BusinessObjects XI
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I have downloaded both Visual Data Manager 2.0 and the package Art2kmin.exe. Extracted the .zip, ran the app, ran the second one nothing appears under add-ins, developers' section, Excel, VB.
asked Mar 31, 2016 by Maria Chipote about Visual Data Manager
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I have an old Excel CD-ROM Tutorial for Formulas & Functions. Is there a Formulas & Functions CD that will run on a 64 bit computer?
asked Mar 31, 2016 by Bill Barney about Microsoft Office Excel
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I want to track the Visual QSM queries on Excel. Below are points which I want to track. Is the query responded within 24 hours? Is the query fixed within 24 hours?
asked Nov 14, 2015 by Anand about Visual|QSM Portal
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I need to create a pictorial references chart in Excel from the India Map where the same is the condition validated by colors – RAG with the respect to the performance of that zone basis plus various ...
asked Oct 19, 2015 by Yanki about Microsoft Office Excel
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When I link a cell in one worksheet with another it only shows the formula for the link and not the data. What am I doing wrong?
asked Oct 4, 2015
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Hi Experts, I have a strange problem. I do feel the need to give you all a background of what is wrong and what i have attempted to do.
asked Aug 17, 2015 by DonaldHill (150 points) about Microsoft Office 2013
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Is it possible to import time entry into QuickBooks Enterprise from an Excel file?
asked Aug 12, 2015 by Rose about QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise
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I have many Excel 2007 files (.xlsx, .xlsm, etc) that I've been modifying from the same folder for quite some time. Now I'm letting others contribute and moving them to public locations on our server.
asked Jul 2, 2015 by king.michael (120 points) about Microsoft Office Excel
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I had a user that deleted files some files and they had not been backed up. I used the OnTrack rocovery program to try and recover these files off the hard drive.
asked Apr 28, 2015 by PeterRee (120 points)
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I am new to OneNote and I would like to create a To Do List in OneNote. Then create a macro that will generate the number of outstanding To Dos on each sheet in a group to an Excel spreadsheet.
asked Apr 2, 2015 by Nancy 16 (120 points) about OneNote
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How do I export the membership information that is already entered into the Church Windows system so that I can import it into an Excel file for use in our directory?
asked Mar 24, 2015
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Does Excel have a formula I can use on my master page to look up a sheet name in another cell on the same page and then perform the usual look up, match & index etc on that 'looked-up sheet', all...
asked Jan 23, 2015 about Microsoft Office Excel
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My lab is looking to by a plate reader which uses the software Microplate Manager.
asked Oct 17, 2014 about Microplate Manager
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I am looking for a chart that looks a bit like a temperature gauge and at the top is the sales goal and during the month as you get more sales, the gauge fills up.
asked Oct 5, 2014
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What can I do with Excel to PDF Converter?
asked Aug 15, 2014 by Guest #33818202 (120 points) about Excel to PDF Converter
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Error 13 : typing mismatch when I try to export a report to Excel files. My Microsoft Office is 2010 version.
asked May 4, 2014 about HIT Time Attendance System
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I need that each time I save the file, any information entered in the document be protected.
asked Mar 17, 2014