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Recovering corrupt Excel files

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I had a user that deleted files some files and they had not been backed up. I used the OnTrack rocovery program to try and recover these files off the hard drive. Files were recovered, but now some of them are corrupt. Is there a good utility that will recover the corrupt files to the original format? I see that OnTrack has a utility to repair files, but is there a better way to get this data back?

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You may try following methods to repair Excel file:
Save the document in different file format like .rtf (rich-text format) or .txt (ASCII text format).
Save the file as Webpage and reopen it with Word.
Use Microsoft Excel's in-built Open and Repair method.
Open with Open Office.
Use for more The Microsoft Excel file repair utility restores data from a corrupted workbooks and worksheets. And software exports information to Microsoft Excel director file later. Excel Repair Toolbox can save a recovered data into new XLSX files. The heuristic search algorithm allow finding data for any damaged file.enter link description here

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1.Open a blank Excel workbook.
Find the desired file and choose Open and Repair. This option is in the drop-down list associated with the Open button.
If Excel cannot open the file, choose Extract Data.
Confirm by clicking Yes. If Excel warns you that the file caused a serious error the last time it was opened, agree to continue opening it.

2.Copy Data Method

If you can, open the file.
Right-click a sheet tab and choose Select All Sheets.
Right-click a sheet tab and choose Move or Copy.
Choose New Book and check the Create a Copy box.

or Close Excel, re-open it, and try to open the file again.

If this doesn't work, restart the computer, open up Excel and try to open the file again.
If this doesn't work, delete the contents of your c:\windows\temp directory then reboot. Try again.
If this doesn't work, open the file using OpenOffice. This is free, Microsoft-compatible software that may be able to work around the corruption.

If this doesn't work, open Excel in Safe Mode. This will disable VBA and Add-ins.
Restart the computer in Safe Mode.
Click on Start then Run then enter the actual path to the executable file. Depending on your version of Windows, this may be C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\excel.exe, C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office11\excel.exe, or something similar. (For Excel 2002, Office XP, click cancel if the MS Office Installer starts; Excel in safe mode will still start)].
Try to open the file.

3.IF YOU want to recover the corrupt files to the original format, try easeus data recovery wizard, With it, you can undelete word documents, recover formatted word files or recover lost Excel files

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