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Is there a program that will translate an English speech into a Spanish text and vice-versa?
asked Oct 29, 2012
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I am English speaking person and now I am living in Malaysia. I live in a house full of Vietnamese people.
asked Sep 26, 2012
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Hi, I'm going crazy trying to find a translation package that works at least 75% correct. A lot of free sites just seem to muddle words or meanings.
asked Jul 30, 2012
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2 answers 307 views
Software for translating from Tagalog to English
asked May 17, 2012
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I have problems with opening online PDF files. What to do?
asked Sep 24, 2011 about Adobe Acrobat Pro Extended
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1 answer 264 views
What is the purpose of this program? I found it on my laptop.
asked Aug 11, 2011 by jock (120 points) about AnswerWorks English Runtime
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How can I cut an unwanted part from a particular movie?
asked Dec 13, 2010 about Windows Media Player
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1 answer 122 views
Why do you not reply to my emails. Your reinstallation suggestions have left me with nothing for my $67. Jim Eidel
asked Oct 4, 2009 about iFinger
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What is it? What does it do? Any idea where I might have gotten it? :(
asked Sep 19, 2009 about AnswerWorks English Runtime
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How do I get any updates via the Internet and how do I upgrade my WordWeb?
asked Feb 18, 2009 about WordWeb
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1 answer 137 views
What English courses are available through this application?
asked Jun 17, 2008 by nazir hussain (120 points) about English Speaking Course