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Transcribe a Vietnamese speech to an English text

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I am English speaking person and now I am living in Malaysia. I live in a house full of Vietnamese people. They are normally very good but I find it hard to speak English and I often feel left out of conversations, or more importantly they speak about me to my face and I have no clue what they are saying.

I would like something to use where it will translate everything that's being said live into English text, basically so I know what's going on.

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Finding an application to do that could be very hard or practically impossible because Vietnamese language is something you don't learn in one day or two. Beside that, there is an application which transcribes audio to text but you must use pre-recorder audio files which in this case are pretty unuseful.

In this case a course could get you into the Vietnamese way better than an application. Also, please try Dragon NaturallySpeaking and see it might help you.

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You can try this application to solve the problem After receiving the result, you should make use of some translator, e.g. Google.
Good luck!

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