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Can Draftsight open and edit DWG files?
asked Oct 4, 2017 about DraftSight
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I need to be able to take a drawing or preprinted drawing or picture and scale it to EX: 2" x 7.5" and expand or scale down to fit the width and height of that area?
asked Sep 23, 2017 by Donna about TigerCad
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Full form of RCDC and what are the thesis possibilities for a structural engineer?
asked Aug 7, 2017 by Shahnaz about RCDC
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I have this program and it works with Windows 98 and Windows XP - is there an upgrade for Windows 7?
asked Aug 7, 2017 about Better Homes and Gardens Landscaping and Deck Designer
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Downloaded "Logitrace v12 demo" from your website. I opened and it asks me for a password after authorizing it to run. Any idea what the "password" is?
asked Jul 31, 2017 by ticoeddy about LogiTRACE
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We are running TechnoCad version 8.0 on an XP virtual machine and we need to upgrade it to either Windows 7 or 10.
asked Jul 16, 2017 by Jay Chowdhury about TechnoCad
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I would like to insert a survey station using coordinates into MineCAD.
asked Jul 11, 2017 about mineCAD
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What newer AutoCAD product replaces AutoCAD Freestyle?
asked Jun 26, 2017 about AutoCAD Freestyle
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Is there any way I can make the CAD2Motion executed quickly during the open of the file, especially for the file with the many path segments?
asked Jun 18, 2017 by Yiven about CAD to Motion
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How can I renew my license to Ermapper and install on a new laptop?
asked Jun 12, 2017 by Bill about ERDAS ER Mapper 2013
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How do I change the units from millimeters to inches? I tried using the settings, but even if you change it there, it doesn't work on the display.
asked May 28, 2017 about RDWorks
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I'm trying to install the software PLMPack StackBuilder on my computer, but when I install the program it doesn't want to proceed with the installation despite of me using the product key that I...
asked May 19, 2017 about PLMPack StackBuilder
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What's the difference between AllyCAD Home and Allycad 3.6? I have an AllyCAN Home version, what is the next upgrade version?
asked Apr 20, 2017 by JackC about AllyCAD
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I want a specific template to be used at startup on DraftSight, but it keeps using no name.dwt and not the file I want.
asked Mar 28, 2017 about DraftSight
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How can I use my Intericad 7000 again? I can't use my laptop since the upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10.
asked Mar 22, 2017 by Siska about InteriCAD 7000
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I can't find myself around the software. I mean that I don't know how to use the software. I was wondering if someone can help me out?
asked Mar 20, 2017 by Mark Aer-tor about LRFD Box Culvert Program
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I spent months working on a project on the previous version. Is there any way that I can retrieve it in the old format because I am familiar with that interface?
asked Mar 20, 2017 by DENIS E GERRIOR about HomeByMe
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Why does the area in some designs show up shaded in some prints and not others? Is there a way to turn this off?
asked Mar 13, 2017 about 3D Home Architect Home & Landscape Deluxe
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How much does the pro version of Alibre Design 11 cost?
asked Mar 7, 2017 about Alibre Design
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2 answers 363 views
I am tired for trying installing Arduino library in Proteus 8.6 demonstration. Please help me.
asked Mar 6, 2017 by rhowladar about Proteus