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Latest questions about "android"

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Is there a version of this application that can be run on a desktop PC? If not, what alternative can you suggest?
asked May 10, 2012 by Andrew Kendall (120 points)
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I'm looking to download a game but I don't have the right software on my phone. What can I do? Do you have anything available on your site that would suit my phone which is an Android ZTE T60?
asked May 10, 2012
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How do I actually enter gestures and the corresponding letters or numbers? I'm sure I've just missed something, but I can't see how to do it.
asked Apr 17, 2012 by Glade (120 points)
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So, they've added speech-to-text recognition recently, that's cool.
asked Apr 16, 2012 by Arrgh (470 points) about Evernote
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I can't get past the android screen. All it does is loop. I took it back to the store but due to a small crack in the screen, they wouldn't give me a replacement.
asked Feb 29, 2012
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I am trying to develop an application that reads e-books in EPUB format. I'm a beginner, so I don't know from where I should start from to develop it.
asked Feb 14, 2012
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How can I get Android Market on my Impression 7 (I7) tablet?
asked Feb 5, 2012 by nettro4 (120 points)